First-generation iPhone sells for jaw-dropping price at auction

If you have an unopened iPhone from 2007 lying around, it could now be worth a pretty penny.

A 4GB iPhone from 2007, still in its original wrapper, just earned its owner a whopping $158,644 (£121,414) at an auction held by LCG Auctions.

This beats the previous record for the most expensive first-generation iPhone sale from earlier this year at $63,356 (£52,320).

After an initial bid of $10,000, the lot went through 28 bids in total, breaking $100,000 in the auction’s closing hours, which ran from June 30 to July 16.

The final bid for the iPhone had a buyer’s premium of $31,728 added to the winning $158,644, bringing the total to $190,372 (£145,503). The buyer’s premium is a fee that goes directly to the auction house and not to the seller.

The identity of the winning bidder is unknown as the auction house has not released the name of the anonymous buyer.

What makes this tech relic so exclusive is its limited production run, with Apple discontinuing the 4GB model just two months after its release.

The iPhone maker replaced it with an 8GB model for $100 more, prompting lagging sales for the lower-capacity variant.

Only a few first-generation iPhones were ever made, and even fewer are still in their original packaging.

While you might still have your old iPhones, it won’t be worth as much unless it’s still factory sealed.

According to the listing, the item was ‘virtually flawless along the surface and edges’, and the factory seal was clean with ‘correct seam details and tightness’.

It also mentions that the person selling the phone was part of the original engineering team at Apple when the iPhone first launched.

Last year, another unopened first-generation iPhone was auctioned off for $39,339 (£32,490), so their value as collectors’ items is rising rapidly.

When Steve Jobs first revealed the device 15 years ago, he called it a combination of ‘an iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator’.

The original iPhone revolutionised the smartphone market with just a 3.5-inch screen, a 2-megapixel camera and a web browser. The latest version of the iPhone is the 14 series released last year, starting at $799 and going up to $1,099 for the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

Still, it might be worth checking the back of your cupboards for any old tech. You could be sitting on a goldmine!

Vintage tech that could still be worth something

Nokia 8110 This phone was released in 1996 and featured a distinctive ‘banana’ shape. It is now a cult classic and can sell for up to £1,000 in good condition.

Motorola RAZR This phone was released in 2004 and was one of the most popular flip phones ever made. It is now a collectors item and can sell for up to £375.

Game Boy The Game Boy was one of the most popular handheld game consoles ever made. While a working one can sell for anywhere from £50 to £200, a Game Boy in mint condition with the original packaging can sell for upwards of £500.

Tamagotchi The Tamagotchi was a digital pet that was released in 1996. It was a huge fad and sold more than 80 million units worldwide. A working one can sell for anywhere from £20 to £100, while a Tamagotchi in original packaging can sell for over £500.

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