Fitbit ready to help police in search for Nicola Bulley

Forensic expert says 'I would look into' Nicola Bulley's phone

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Fitbit has confirmed it can help the police in the search for Nicola Bulley after the mum of two went missing nine days ago. Nicola was walking her dog, Willow, in St Michael’s on Wyre in Lancashire when she was last seen.

She was logged onto a work call during the time period that police believe she went missing, and Nicola was also said to be wearing her Fitbit at the time. asked the company whether they will be supporting the investigation.

A spokesperson for Fitbit confirmed that “under defined and specifically prescribed legal procedures, data may be requested and provided in support of law enforcement requests”.

This comes as the Sun reports that police are said to be looking at whether they can use Nicola’s Fitbit data to track her movements on Friday, January 27.

Friend of Nicola’s, Emma White, told the Sun that police were working to get the data off the fitness watch.

She said: “The Fitbit had not been synced since Tuesday.

“The police are trying other ways to try to get information from it.”

This week, the Insider reported that it is possible to track where a Fitbit is using its app or tracking apps.

The report said that there are ways to use a phone’s bluetooth to link up with the watch from up to 100 feet away.

Police confirmed detectives were looking at a number of potential key pieces of evidence “and carrying out other digital enquiries”.

When asked about Nicola’s watch today, police said they had “no info to give out on the Fitbit”.

Emma also questioned a theory put forward by the police that Nicola could have fallen into the river while trying to retrieve her dog’s tennis ball.

The friend said Nicola had stopped taking a tennis ball on walks because Willow would “pester” her for it.

She said: “Willow used to love a tennis ball very much but it used to disturb their walks so they haven’t had a tennis ball since way into last year.

“Obviously she loved the tennis ball so she’d always be by you, pestering you for the ball – but it wasn’t a nice walk when the dog’s pestering – so there was definitely no ball.”

On the hypothesis that Nicola could have fallen into the river, she added: “When we’re talking about a life we can’t base it on a hypothesis – surely we need this factual evidence.

“That’s what the family and us are all holding onto – that we’re actually no further on the sadly last Friday.

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“We still have no evidence and that’s why we’re out again in force.”

Since offering this hypothesis, police have since suggested that Nicola may not have fallen into the river because of the lack of scuff marks nearby.

Superintendent Sally Riley told the Sunday Times: “I think if it had been a sloping bank, a common-sense view would be that you would expect to find scuff marks.

“If it is sheer and you lose your footing, you might not have any marks left on the grass. All of that has been subjected to a detailed search.”

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