Five-day tip spree by organised gang in London results in £100,000 bill

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The building, which was locked and on the market for letting, was broken into at the end of July and has been filled with thousands of tons of trade waste. Witnesses said trucks had queued to dump waste at the industrial estate in Croydon, south London, for five days and by last Thursday it had been completely filled. Dumping also took place outside.

A worker said: “They contact local tradesmen and offer them the chance to tip at a quarter of the price of a commercial dump.

“It’s full of everything – rubble, mattresses, fridges.”

The owner is left to pick up the huge clean-up bill, estimated to cost at least £100,000.

A council spokesperson said: “This is an appalling flytip on private land and we would advise all landowners to properly secure their properties against illegal activity.”

”We will be working with the property owners and Defra to investigate and will always seek the toughest penalties for this kind of crime, which can include fines of up to £50,000 and up to five years’ imprisonment.” he added.

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