Five ‘fake’ royal protocols debunked as royals break strict rules

Basham explains the appeal of the Princess of Wales

Members of the Royal Family have to follow strict royal protocols when they are on official engagements. In recent years some of those rules have been broken but overall the likes of King Charles, Queen Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales are more often than not seen sticking to the royal rules whilst out and about. But which rules have been broken over the years and which have been out right rumours?


Royal Family members are in fact banned from signing their names in a bid to prevent signatures from being forged.

Last month the Princess of Wales had to decline a request from a child at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show, when asked why she couldn’t sign her name she explained: “My name’s Catherine. I’m not allowed to write my signature, it’s just one of those rules.”

However, the rule was once reportedly broken by King Charles when he was the Prince of Wales.

Back in 2010, Charles reportedly wrote “Charles 2010” on a piece of paper during a visit to victims of devastating floods in Cornwall.


Another popular request from members of the public is selfies with their favourite rules.

While it is an official rule that family members aren’t allowed to get behind the camera with the crowd, many have opted out of selfies and reports suggest some don’t like the trend.

In 2018, Prince William even said he was “allergic” to selfies.

However, as crowds and royal events have ramped up in recent years with thousands bringing their own smartphones to capture a shot, members of the family have been seen smiling for a photo.

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Traditional rules would mean members of the public should offer a handshake, bow or curtsy to members of the Royal Family, but modern times mean thing have changed.

Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex has regularly been seen hugging members of the public.

Last year the Duchess was seen hugging a member of the crowd during a walkabout following Queen Elizabeth’s death last year.

And earlier this year the Princess of Wales was seen hugging her former teacher during a surprise reunion.

The Princess said “Oh my goodness, I do recognise you” as she was reunited with prep school teacher Jim Embury.

Nail Polish

A rumoured royal for royal ladies has been that they are banned from wearing brightly-coloured nail varnish and were only allowed to wear clear or nude tones.

But the stylish ladies of the family have been seen matching their nail polish to their outfits on several occasions.

At Easter, the Princess of Wales sported a dark red colour on her nails while Sophie, Duchess of Edinburgh, has also been seen with colourful nails.

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It has been a known rule that the heirs to the throne are not permitted to travel together, over fears of losing the line of succession.

However, like many other rules, Prince William and Princess Kate have regularly travelled with Prince George, second in line to the throne.

The rule was first introduced when travel wasn’t as safe but William first broke the rule when he took his son on the same flight to Australia when George was just nine months old.

It was reported that the late Queen Elizabeth had the final say over the rule.

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