Fleek, ze and antifa: The new words in Scrabble

The new words being added to the Scrabble dictionary have been announced.

For the first time since 2015, players of the boardgame will now have a number of new words they can play for points.

The words, which reflect the modern world, include upskirting (17) and hench (13).

Gender-focussed words such as transperson (13), genderqueer (22) and ze (11), as well as mansplaining (17).

Political words including Antifa (9) and Remainer (10) are also on the list. Slang words fleek (12), bae (5) and blud (7) also make the list.

Collins, which compiles the list, includes new words based on trends and spikes in usage.

Here are some of the new words, their meaning – and most importantly – how many points they are worth.

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