Food bank ‘can’t afford’ to give basic necessities amid prike hike

Cost of living: Food bank reveals struggle to keep key items

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Ms White claimed that the increased prices of food due to inflation meant that they couldn’t afford to give people certain items any more. Items such as cooking oil and hygiene products which include a large number of toiletries have been cut. Ms White claimed that the added cuts in hygiene products would affect people’s mental health and confidence. The ongoing cost of living crisis has continued to plunge many Britons into poverty, and food banks are now feeling the strain of the 10.1% inflation on the economy.

Ms White told GB News: “We’ve noticed a massive difference in price to the extent that we have to cut certain items.

“So we always used to give oil and oil is very popular I guess, and we can’t afford to do that anymore.

“We have had to cut the amount of toiletries that we give, which is a real shame because hygiene is a massive thing, and that will affect someone’s mental health, someone’s confidence.

“But, we just can’t afford to give the level that we were giving before.

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Ms White added: “The other thing we’ve noticed is recently there has been an increase in demand in foods that can be made with a kettle.

“So instant noodles, cup a soup, instant mash, but they have also gone up in price.

“The other thing that we’re really picking up on at the moment is a sense of fear because real winter hasn’t started.

“Because at the moment you can get by without putting your heating on, it’s quite warm, but in a few week’s time it’s going to be really difficult and people are really worried.”

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Mordaunt refuses to say if benefits should rise with inflation

Many Britons across the country are being affected by the ongoing cost of living crisis.

Due to the rise in inflation and the lack of increase in wages, many cannot afford the essential items they were usually able to afford.

The price of energy has also risen steeply, causing some Britons to choose between heating and eating this winter.

And the Government is expected to increase taxes in the autumn fiscal statement. 

Sue Davies, from the consumer group Which?, said: “Our research shows millions of people skipping meals or struggling to provide healthy meals.

“It is essential that people get the support they need from businesses, as well as the Government. Supermarkets have a crucial role to play in supporting their customers.

“They should ensure budget lines for affordable essential items are available across their stores so people can easily compare prices to get the best value and that promotions are targeted at people most in need.”

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