Form an orderly Q… MI5 wants a gadget guru

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Just as the fictional James Bond has his own boffin in MI6 to conjure up weird and wonderful aids to use on his missions, MI5 is now looking for someone to carry out a similar role.

The domestic security agency, which protects the country from terrorists and foreign spies, is recruiting a product manager for its technology department.

Advertising the £50,463 a year post, which includes a £2,766 skills allowance, MI5 said the role would be to “gather intelligence and work closely with the police and law enforcement to detect threats and work out ways to stop them”.

It wants someone who understands the marketplace, “generating benefits through working with existing and new industry partners”.

They must be able to work with agents to find out what they need and also with industry suppliers to ensure the right tools for the job are provided.

Candidates will work with colleagues to prioritise emerging “conflicts” and develop and maintain “strong relationships with the mission customers as well as investment partners”.

They must also keep pace with technological advances so agents have the latest hi-tech equipment, and ensure “products” are updated and replaced when they are obsolete.

As well as keeping a tight control on budgets, the successful applicant will deliver “compliant products which provide maximum business value”.

In return: “Working in MI5 will give you a challenge, inspiration and a real sense of purpose to your work,” the job advertisement promised.

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