Fundraiser to get dentures for mum who pulled 13 of her own teeth out

A mum-of-two who removed 13 of her own teeth because she couldn’t find an NHS dentist may soon have a mouth full of new dentures.

Danielle Watts, 42, turned to DIY dentistry last year after suffering from chronic gum disease.

She has 14 teeth left but still needs another eight removed before she can have dentures fitted.

After coming forward with her story, one of her local councillors in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, launched an online campaign to raise £1,500.

Cllr Katie Parker said Danielle had done ‘so much’ to raise awareness of the state of NHS dentistry.

‘She would never ask for this, but I would love to be able to get her a full set of dentures,’ the councillor said.

A parishioner in the community even donated £1,000 to help pay for the extractions.

Danielle admitted getting ‘tearful’ at the wave of support, adding: ‘To have people I don’t even know get what I’m going through, it starts to get a little overwhelming, I didn’t expect it.’

The mum, who works in packing for a printing company, said she hates talking to people and tries not to smile to avoid showing the gaps in her mouth.

‘I live with this every day. I take painkillers, I go to work, I look after my kids and I deal with shutting my smiles down. I hate talking to people, even people I know,’ she said.

Due to the ongoing pain in her teeth, Danielle paid for a private appointment to have the teeth removed next month.

She said: ‘Yes my teeth would probably have needed removing anyway but I wouldn’t be resorting to removing them myself, walking around with no teeth and in pain every single day.

‘I’m now at the end of my tether and don’t know where else to go. I’ve been forced to have this massive bill.’

Danielle added she is looking forward to the day she can ‘properly smile’ at the people who’ve helped her.

Head here to view Danielle’s fundraiser.

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