Furious ‘animal rebellion’ vegans BLOCK major UK dairy centre in angry anti-milk protest

Animal Rebellion protesters turn Trafalgar Square fountain red

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The exit and entrance to Arla’s Aston Clinton plant, in Buckinghamshire, were blocked by 50 activists. The individuals deriving from Animal Rebellion, an off-shoot of Extinction Rebellion staged the protest in an attempt to encourage the dairy producer to make the switch.

Protestors erected bamboo structures and concrete barricades at the site after arriving in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday, August 31.

The site became the target for the group as Arla are the largest producer of dairy products in Scandinavia, and also the Buckinghamshire plant provides 10 percent of the milk supply for the UK.

It sees the delivery of raw milk from 150 vehicles each day, with 1.1 billion litres being produced every year.

The Aylesbury site acts as one of the main distribution sites for Arla Foods, who are the largest dairy factory in the UK.

The protestors staked out the location and are calling for the company to switch entirely to plant-based foods by 2025.

The move comes following a release of information addressing the catastrophic impacts dairy production has on the climate and animals.

A spokesperson for Animal Rebellion, James Ozden commented on the act: “Companies like Arla claim to be leading the way in tackling the climate crisis.

“Yet until these big multinationals start to talk seriously about the inevitable need to transition our food system to one that is plant-based, their words are empty.

“We’re not just demanding that Arla go plant-based by 2025, we’re demanding that the government supports companies like Arla by funding a just transition for workers in meat and dairy industries to just and sustainable alternatives.”

As a result of the demonstration, Thames Valley Police put a road closure in place on the A41, in hopes of managing traffic and minimising disruption to the local community and businesses.

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A police spokesperson said yesterday: “At 5.17am this morning reports were received that a number of protestors had gathered and blocked the entrance to the dairy.

“Officers attended the scene within minutes.

“We would advise people to avoid the area and find alternate routes.

“The road closure may be in place for some time.

“Officers are on scene and are liaising with the landowner, and those who have gathered to protest, and will be working to return normality to the site as soon as possible.”

Recent reports from the dairy producer show the large environmental impact of the process, with details showing the carbon footprint data from almost 2,000 dairy farms and the steps the company is taking to reduce emissions by 30 percent by 2030.

A spokesperson for Arla spoke of the future plans for the company with The Bucks Herald.

They said: “As a cooperative owned by farmers we are committed to producing dairy for the UK in the most sustainable way possible.

“We already make raw milk with around half the average emissions of dairy globally and intend to be carbon net-zero by 2050.”

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