Furious caller blasts Vine guest who says Boris lied to Queen ‘She wasn’t born yesterday!’

Gerry, calling the Jeremy Vine on 5 show from the Isle of Man, criticised Ms Myskow as she claimed Boris Johnson lied to the Queen in order to get her assent for the prorogation of Parliament. The furious caller accused the TV star and former journalist of implying the Queen is “too old” and unable to understand the Prime Minister was misleading her. He blasted: “The Queen wasn’t born yesterday. For Nina to turn around and say that the Queen was lied to before her advisers – she would have known through her advisers well before this incident was coming through.

“The impression I get from Nina is that she’s saying the Queen is old and wouldn’t have understood what was said to her.”

Nina Myskow, a panellist on the show, promptly reacted to the accusation.

She responded: “Excuse me, how dare you say that? You are absolutely fabricating.

“I did not say the Queen was old and did not understand. How dare you fabricate that?”

She added: “You’re calling me a liar and if anything all my life I’ve been known as honest.

The impression I get from Nina is that she’s saying the Queen is old and wouldn’t have understood

Gerry, Jeremy Vine caller

“Brutally honest sometimes but I will never be called a liar.”

Forced to intervene in the clash, Jeremy Vine clarified: “I don’t think he said that you’re a liar.

“I think he said that basically you think the Queen was duped.

“He thinks you said the Queen was duped and he says she is so wise she couldn’t be.”

It comes after a Scottish court ruled the Prime Minister’s decision to prorogue Parliament was “unlawful” sparking questions on Boris Johnson’s attempts to mislead the Monarch on the real reason behind his decision. 

But Boris Johnson has hotly refused claims he lied to the Queen over his prorogation of Parliament.

When asked whether yesterday’s court decision implied he had lied to the Queen over his motivation for suspending Parliament, he replied: “Absolutely not.

“The High Court in England plainly agrees with us but the Supreme Court will have to decide. We need a Queen’s Speech, we need to get on and do all sorts of things at a national level.”

A Palace source said yesterday: “Despite having no control over the situation, Her Majesty will not be amused she is being dragged into the conversation.”

Mr Johnson also sought to downplay the impact of a no-deal Brexit following the release of Operation Yellowhammer assessments.

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He said this morning: “It is very important to understand what this document is: this is a worst-case scenario which civil servants obviously have to prepare for, but in the last few months, and particularly in the 50 days since I’ve been Prime Minister, we’ve been massively accelerating our preparations.

“We’re trying to get a deal and I’m very hopeful that we will get a deal with our European friends on October 17th or 18th or thereabouts.

“But if we have to come out on October 31st with no-deal we will be ready and the ports will be ready and the farming communities will be ready, and all the industries that matter will be ready for a no-deal Brexit.

“What you’re looking at here is just the sensible preparations – the worst-case scenario – that you’d expect any government to do.

“In reality, we will certainly be ready for a no-deal Brexit if we have to do it and I stress again that’s not where we intend to end up.”

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