Furious UK holidaymakers brand Cornish beach ‘hell on earth’ in scathing review

One user, who went by the name of Philip H complained that the water was too cold and that the beach had the wrong type of sand.

He said: “Very cold water. We visited the beach yesterday. We had to walk ages to the sea because the tide was out and when we got there it was freezing and very windy.

“The sand was awful as it is the wrong sort of sand and very sticky. It got everywhere and I’m still finding bits today! Won’t be back next year.”

Other tourists weren’t happy with how many people were on the beach and how some of the children were being treated by their parents.

User WendyAH8 SAID: “Hideous, overcrowded, noisy, covered in litter. Why would anyone with any sense want to go to this place which is hell on earth?

“Crowded, noisy, nothing to eat but bad fish and chips and Cornish pasties, and the beach packed full of the morbidly obese, screaming sunburnt children in buggies and people with tattoos.

“The place to go to see parenting at its worst and cardiovascular disease waiting to happen.”

The reviews by Philip H and WendayAH8 are just two of several poor reviews of Cornwall posted by CornwallLive. Other towns under fire included places near St Ives, towns near Newquay, and Truro.

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Mazp951 said they were “disappointed” by the inside of Truro Cathedral and that “it appears to be used more for concerts rather than as a cathedral”.

The reviews come as the UK enters the hottest months of the year when people will begin to flock down to the coast to enjoy the hot weather by the sea.

However, as people dive southwest, questions will once again be raised about whether enough of a balance is being struck between homes for locals and homes for second homeowners.

Under new proposals, Cornwall Council has agreed, subject to legislation being passed, to a second homes tax from April 2024.

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While the new tax will help raise millions for Cornwall Council, there are concerns about the negative ramifications of the new tax.

Managing Director of My Favourite Cottages, Harry Roberts, told CornwallLive: “While the rise in council tax is thought to boost the local economy by millions, it’s still unknown how it could affect second homeowners, some who’ve invested large amounts of their life savings on rental properties.

“It’s likely many second homeowners rely on their rentals for an income or at least part of it- and need to let out their holiday homes for a large percentage of the year to make a profit on their investment, or even just break even.

“With rising costs for things such as electricity bills making being a homeowner more expensive, the news that the council tax is increasing will only force holiday properties to increase in price as owners tackle inflation.

“As the cost of UK holidays gets more expensive, Brits will still be interested in renting properties in prime coastal locations for top dollar, but others will look elsewhere and second homeowners will be forced to sell up, which will undoubtedly impact this country’s tourism sector.”

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