Fury as man in his 40s refused bar entry for being ‘too old’

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A furious woman has told how her partner was refused entry to a bar for being “too old”.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims she and her 48-year-old boyfriend were stopped from entering in the early hours of Sunday, January 22.

She claims that, when she accused the Revolution De Cuba staff member of discrimination and started filming on her phone, he threatened to assault her.

The reveller claims he later pushed her phone out of her hands.

Footage from the incident on Peter Street, Manchester, shows the bouncer lunging for the woman’s phone before the filming cuts out, reports Manchester Evening News.

A spokesperson for Revolution De Cuba said they were “appalled” to hear about the incident, and added that the security staff member in question no longer works for the firm.

Professional Security UK, who provide the security for the Cuban-themed bar, have declined to comment.

The woman said the whole incident had left her feeling “disturbed.”

“We went out quite late and we got to the door of Revolution De Cuba at about 2.15am,” she said.

“We went up to the door and the doorman asked me who I was with. My partner is 10 years older than me. He pointed to him and said ‘no, too old.’

“He doesn’t even look 48 but they determined he was too old to go in. There were a lot of young girls going in.

“I asked for their Security Industry Authority number and said it was discrimination. He just said ‘oh you’re too drunk.’

“I don’t understand where he got that from but it’s just a standard response isn’t it.”

The woman claims the member of security refused to give his SIA number. She claims she began filming the doorman on her phone.

“One of the bouncers, a big guy, said if I filmed him he would assault me,” she claimed.

“I was filming and the bouncer came over and hit my phone out of my hand. I said it didn’t matter what he did with my phone as it was all backed up.

“I’m quite disturbed by the whole event. I rang the police and they said if it’s not an ongoing emergency I needed to call 101 but I haven’t done that yet.”

A spokesperson for Revolution De Cuba said: “We were appalled to hear about this incident – the safety of our guests is of the utmost importance to us and we demand that everyone is treated fairly and with respect at all times.

“Following our immediate investigation into the incident, the individual concerned is no longer employed by our security firm, Professional Security, and will not be working at any of our venues in the future.”

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