Fury at festival ‘hypocrites’ as Cornish beauty spot turned into sea of waste: ‘Shameful!’

Euro 2020: Wembley Way littered with rubbish

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Regie Butler-Card, of Devon and Cornwall Police, spoke after pictures taken following the Boardmasters festival site in Newquay showed a trail of devastation. Tents, clothing, bottles, food wrappers and chairs were left strewn across the clifftop overlooking Watergate Bay.

Much of this was later blown into the sea – threatening to damage marine life.

Organisers had offered revellers – most of whom are from the woke millennial generation – a refund of £10 on all camping tickets if they collected a bag of rubbish.

But the vast majority of this enlightened bunch paid little heed to the incentive – opting to discard their rubbish and let it wreak havoc on the local environment.

In response, Mr Butler-Card asked them to consider how much of the waste had been “blown wider afield” and said organisers were paying for the cleanup operation.

He added: “This is the remnants of Boardmasters Newquay 2021.

“The generation that lectures the world about waste and climate change had a great time.

“But left this mess – the sheer hypocrisy.

“The organisers are paying to clear it. But how much has blown wider afield? How much waste?”

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A spokesman for Bodmin Police, which patrols the area where the festival is held, added: “This is appalling. Shame on all of you.”

Around 50,000 people attended the five-day festival in Cornwall – which ended on Sunday.

As well as annoying the local police chief, the amount of rubbish also infuriated locals.

One said it was “very sad” to see the amount of rubbish that had been picked up by the wind and dumped in the sea.

Local resident Luis Candea said some of the rubbish had blown into the sea after windy conditions following the weekend.

He said: “With the rise of Covid and the subsequent lockdowns, we gave the earth a chance to repair and that it did.

“Venice’s waters turned from brown to blue and we even seen dolphins enter, the pollution levels dropped significantly and smog cleared, air never tasted so good.

“Wildlife became heard again, as the noise of day-to-day life was stopped. We had a clear view on how simple saving this planet could actually be.

“At Glastonbury, David Attenborough had a huge impact on the festival-goers so much so they took all of their rubbish with them.”

He added: “Then we get our freedoms back and revert back to being selfish beings destroying the very ground we walk on.”

Others voiced concerns that it could lead to a spike in Covid infections in the country.

But as it finished on Sunday any impact on infections won’t become clear until later this week.

This didn’t stop some festival-goers from voicing fears about infections spreading through the crowd.

One tweeted: “100 percent of the people we know who attended Boardmasters have come home and tested positive for Covid.

“Not even from the same groups of friends.”

Another wrote: “My son and two friends have all just tested positive. All single jabbed and all tested negative at the event.”

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