Future Samsung watches could come with a secret built-in projector

Looks like everybody wants to upgrade the humble smartwatch, with Samsung filing a patent for a watch with a built-in projector.

The projector on the watch could ‘beam information from the outer side of its housing onto the back side of the user’s hand’, as reported by GSMArena.

This could include the time, like a bedroom projector clock, or even ‘broadcasts and multimedia content’.

The tiny projector and LEDs can reportedly adjust their luminescence, so you can tweak the settings as you could with a screen.

The diagram from the patent filing suggests that you could project the time and your heart rate on the back of your hand.

While watching a TikTok or YouTube video on your hand might not be your main requirement when buying a smartwatch, it’s still a cool feature.

The United States patent was filed in August last year and printed this month so it looks like a feature that’s been in the works.

Previously Samsung had launched a phone with a built-in projector, the I8530 Galaxy Beam.

Samsung isn’t the only one working on unique features on their smartwatches. Earlier this month, Apple received a patent for an Apple Watch model with detachable cameras.

Still, the patents only represent the possible features that could come with future smartphones.

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