Galloway reveals KEY reason support for Farage’s Brexit Party is SOARING – ‘crush Ukip!’

The newly-formed Brexit Party could be in for a shock win in May’s European elections, with a polling expert revealing the eurosceptic group being already just one percentage point behind the Conservative Party. Speaking to RT, George Galloway outlined why support for the Brexit Party has soared and said: “I will predict to you now that Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is going to win the European elections hands down, sweep the boards, crush Ukip, rout out the Remainer parties. The working class are going to vote for Nigel Farage. You can mark your card on that.

Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party is going to win the European elections hands down

George Galloway

“That’s why a party that is only one week old is currently miles ahead in the opinion polls to win an election that is only about six weeks away.

“It’s whether you demand Brexit now or whether you side with the obfuscators, those who are doing everything they can and in plain sight to cheat the British people of the result that they voted for in the Brexit referendum of 2016.”

Prime Minister Theresa May’s decision to push for an extended Brexit transition this month led to an agreement between EU leaders to keep the UK n the bloc until October 31.

The decision to force a six-month extension on Britain means the UK will be forced to take part in European elections if the Prime Minister cannot get her deal through the House of Commons by the end of May.

YouGov political research manager Chris Curtis believes the UK is set for “another Farage-shaped upset” in May’s European election.

He wrote in the Guardian: “It is entirely plausible that we are facing another Farage-shaped upset at the ballot box. While there are more than five weeks of campaigning to go, I certainly wouldn’t bet against him.”

If the election had taken place over the past weekend, the Brexit Party would have come in third with 15 percent of the votes, according to a YouGov survey which was carried out between April 10 and 11 on 1,843 voters.

Some 24 percent of voters said they would choose the Labour Party and only 16 percent of British citizens expressed a preference for the Conservative Party.

Mr Farage vowed his new Brexit Party will destroy the establishment in a defiant speech to supports on Sunday.

He insisted the UK’s two-party system “doesn’t work” because they serve “nothing but their own interests and agenda”.

The former Ukip leader made the passionate speech at a rally attended by around 700 activists as the party ramps up support ahead of the European elections on May 23.

The Brexit Party leader hit out at the dominant two-party establishment and said: “Our intention is to fight these European elections and our intention is to win these European elections.

“We have not formed this party just to protest, just to stick two fingers up to the establishment on May 23, just to get our own back and tell them what we think of them.

“No, our ambitions are much, much higher than that. I think it’s obvious that our two-party system simply doesn’t work any more.

“I am not, after 25 years of fighting and campaigning for our country to be free and independent, I am not prepared to stand aside – I am not prepared to be rolled over by our career politicians.”

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