GB News guest erupts at ‘Covid denier’ in brutal clash ‘Burying your head in sand!’

GB News: Panelist erupts at 'Covid denier' guest

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Broadcaster Benjamin Butterworth and Esther Krakue got into a heated debate over the House of Parliament vote on the adoption of new Covid rules to fight the Omicron variant. Up to 78 Tory MPs will rebel against the measures, which will see the reintroduction of mandatory face masks as well as a requirement to show Covid passes or negative lateral flow test to access large venues. Mr Butterworth and Ms Krakue argued over vaccination status in the UK as she claimed people with two jabs would count as unvaccinated.

Ms Krakue said: “It’s really funny that people who are incredibly naive like Benjamin, which you are – you’re incredibly naive you think this is going to be the end of it.”

Mr Butterworth interrupted: “Esther you don’t even know what you’re talking about because you don’t even know anyone that has died do you, you’re not informed.”

Speaking over Mr Butterworth, Ms Krakue added: “Guess what in the last 48 hours people with two jabs are technically not fully vaccinated.”

Mr Butterworth added: “You don’t even know what you’re talking about that kicks in next year.”

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Firing back, Ms Krakue said: “That is exactly what came out of the mouth of Sajid Javid, even though six months ago they were saying two doses and you’ll be fully vaccinated.”

Mr Butterworth said: “No, no no it’s not what came out of his mouth Esther, he said it’s once everyone’s got the…”

Butting in again Ms Krakue said: “Hold on, hold on, do you really think this will stop there. You’re so naive that you’re happy to throw away your freedoms which you can do willingly, but don’t think you can throw away my freedoms. This is enough I’ve had enough.”

Mr Butterworth added: “You argue for people who refused the vaccine, you refused the lockdown, you refused masks, you bury your head in the sand.

“You are a Covid denier, you deny the reality we’re in, your answer would see people…”

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In response, Ms Krakue said: “You can stay in the house and lock the door, if Covid comes knocking you can go into your bathroom and hide.”

Finishing his sentence, the broadcaster said: “Esther your answers would see people out there dying for no reason it could include your loved ones and the truth is that wearing a mask and getting the vaccine is not difficult.”

GB News host Dan Wootton chimed in to say to Mr Butterworth: “Can I just ask why are you so scared of Omicron?”

Mr Butterworth said: “I’m not, I wouldn’t use the word scared what I would say that the answer is clear to keep each other safe.”

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab supported Boris Johnson’s latest plan for booster jab uptake as he did the rounds on major breakfast shows on Tuesday.

Mr Raab said: “It’s a demanding target but … the facts are that we will go into this Christmas with the ability to spend it with loved ones in a way that was impossible last year.”

The deputy Prime Minister could not rule out more Covid restrictions being implemented before Christmas: “These issues are always discussed but we have got Plan B, that’s what we think is required over the Christmas period.”

When asked for more confirmation on the possibility of Christmas being cancelled this year, Mr Raab said: “Yes, I think it is. I want to give that reassurance. I think people can look forward to spending Christmas with loved ones in a way that we couldn’t last year.”

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