GB News host challenges Just Stop Oil protester over criminal offences

Just Stop Oil spokesperson grilled by GB News host

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A Just Stop Oil spokesperson was put on the spot over the organisation’s road blockades as hundreds of commuters are being prevented from going to work for a second consecutive day on the M25 motorway. GB News host Mark Longhurst reported that a total of 36 climate protesters have been arrested since Monday because of their civil disobedience.

GB News host Mark Longhurst said: “Just looking at the figures: 16 arrested today, 20 arrested yesterday, eight people charged with conspiracy to cause a public nuisance. Are you thinking perhaps you are above the law?”

Just Stop Oil spokesperson Lora Johnson defended: “No, not at all. 

“What we are saying is the government is going to destroy our future and people are dying right now. 

“And we have to stop new oil.”

The GB News host asked how road blockades could end new gas and oil licences as commuters are getting “very frustrated with your actions and indeed, Essex police are saying that it is putting people at harm, particularly your own protesters.”

Just Stop Oil’s spokesperson said: “It’s really unfortunate that we got to this stage. 

“But as I said, we’re being lied to, we’re being let down and people have every right to be angry. We are disrupting their day, but they need to start redirecting their anger at the government and realise that we’re not the bad guys. 

“We are calling the alarm.”

In a renewed plea to the Government, Ms Johnson added new oil and gas licences are a “death threat” not only to Britons but to the planet. 

Just Stop Oil protesters are holding commuters hostage in a new day of widespread disruption on the M25 motorway. 

A group of climate activists have blocked the motorway since 7 am by climbing gantries in Essex, Hertfordshire, Kent and Surrey, in an attempt to make their demands heard.

The Metropolitan police have swiftly responded to the protests by arresting 16 climate activists, saying in a statement they “know how disruptive and distressing these road closures caused by protesters are to the travelling public.”

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In response, Just Stop Oil said in a statement: “We know how disruptive and distressing these droughts, famines, floods & wildfires caused by global heating are to the public.

“Please rest assured that as long as the Govt is issuing new oil and gas consents and licences, Just Stop Oil supporters will continue in civil resistance.”

The environmentalist group staged 32 days of disruption throughout October, which the Met said resulted in 677 arrests with 111 people charged, and officers working a total of 9,438 additional shifts.

According to the group, Just Stop Oil supporters have been arrested nearly 2,000 times since its campaign began on April 1, and five are currently in prison.

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