GB News host wants to ‘cancel Netflix’ due to Harry and Meghan show

Harry & Meghan: Who was late for their first date?

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GB News presenter Anne Diamond took a pointed dig at Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and their new Netflix docu-series. Speaking on Breakfast with Stephen & Anne, the presenter said the series would help put people to sleep. If the next show is not any better, she threatened to cancel her subscription to Netflix.

Broadcaster Clare Muldoon told GB News: “Really good recommendation if you’re trying to get to sleep is watch Harry and Meghan on Netflix.”

GB News’ Anne Diamond agreed: “It really does put you to sleep.

“You start thinking of other things you can do while you’re watching it.”

She added: “I feel so strongly about it now I really want to cancel my Netflix subscription.”

When GB News’ co-host Stephen Dixon and journalist Kevin Schofield challenged Anne to watch the next three episodes, she said she would have to watch it to keep up with the story.

Disagreeing, Stephen responded: “Unless you’re a royal reporter or a showbiz reporter, citing journalist integrity watching that is a little bit far.”

Despite a wave of criticism, Meghan and Harry’s Netflix docu-series has made its way up the charts and become the most viewed programme on the streaming giant. 

More than two million British viewers watched it on Thursday, with the first episode attracting 2.4 million people on TV sets on its launch day, ratings show.

That is the largest single-day audience for any Netflix show since the company joined ratings organisation Barb in October.

It is more than double the first-day figure for the latest season of The Crown, and it is the same number of people who watched BBC One’s EastEnders on Thursday.

Episode two had 1.5 million viewers on the first day, and the third part attracted 800,000. The Crown, for its part, saw the first episode of its fifth series attract 1.1 million viewers. 

According to Barb, BBC One’s The One Show also attracted 2.4 million, ITV soap Coronation Street was watched by 3.5 million, and the most-watched programmes of the day were the BBC News At Six and subsequent regional news, both with 4.1 million.

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However, the series came under heated fire for failing to offer substance or any new information to understand the Sussexes’ journey.

Commenting on the docu-series, Guardian TV critic Lucy Mangan said: “But in the end – what are we left with? Exactly the same story we always knew, told in the way we would expect to hear it from the people who are telling it. Those who don’t care won’t watch.”

The Telegraph called the series a “very Californian exercise in grievance.” The Spectator magazine called it a “tedious, narcissistic wallow.” Across the Irish Sea in Ireland, the Irish Times described the first three hours as “a sometimes unwatchable plunge into Planet Sussex.”

Three more episodes will hit the streaming giant next Thursday. 

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