GCSE results: UK pupil scores highest math grade

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Two years ago he set a Guinness World Record as the youngest qualified computer programmer.

Kautilya is developing artificial intelligence software and plans to set up his own company. He taught himself coding in the lockdowns and even gave a speech in Dubai after an invitation from the Premier of the UAE.

Yet the Year 3 pupil at Wootton Park School in Northampton still loves playing with his brother, swimming and cycling.

Kautilya, who calls himself a computer explorer, said: “I’m feeling good about my achievements. I got interested when my dad gave me a book about building a program and I liked it so much I finished it in a day.

“That was when I got a love for computing and I was five-and-a-half. It is fun learning with older people.”

The love of programming began when he saw a game in a book. His dad Ishwari, 40, a computer software technician, said: “He saw this game but didn’t seem interested in playing.

“He was more interested in asking us questions about how he could make it himself while following instructions from books and videos. When school opened after lockdown they were really supportive.”

Staff provided lessons at a secondary school standard in Years 10 and 11.

Ishwari added: “In general he’s just a normal kid, he’s just really focused on what he does. He considers himself a problem solver.”

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