General election INCOMING? British voters could face new vote to SECURE hard Brexit

Theresa May has been warned by backbench MPs her term will come to an end once Parliament has voted for the fourth time on her proposed Brexit deal in June. The Prime Minister has been facing growing pressure to quit after she agreed to an extension of the withdrawal deadline with the European Union. But while the time for Mrs May to step down is looming, investment expert James Bevan warned a new leader of the party is likely to call a new general election to confirm the mandate to deliver on the Brexit vote. 

Using Boris Johson – who is believed to be planning to stand to take over from Mrs May – as an example, Mr Bevan told Bloomberg: “Parliamentary arithmetic is critical and it’s very hard seeing a deal getting through given where people’s opposition is at the moment.

“One might reasonably believe that if Mr Johnson were to become PM, the first thing you want to do is call an election to see whether he has the mandate to pursue a different strategy.

“I would say, were he in charge, it’s general election time.”

Commons have rejected the Prime Minister’s proposed divorce deal three times and are expected to turn it down once more in June. Despite a series of indicative votes held before the original March 29 Brexit deadline, MPs have failed to return a majority in support for any of the alternative solutions put to them. 

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Bloomberg correspondent David Merrit appeared to agree with Mr Bevan’s claims a general election could be on the horizon when the leader of the Conservative Party is changed.

Mr Merrit said: “A new Tory PM, certainly a more Brexit leaning one, would be in opposition directly to Parliament.

“That means an election.”

Nick Timothy, Theresa May’s former political adviser, lashed out at the Prime Minister as he urged her to step down for the sake of the country.

He wrote in the Daily Telegraph: “If the Prime Minister had delivered a meaningful Brexit, she could have kept her party largely together and retained DUP support.

“She could have threatened Parliament as she now threatens her own MPs: vote for this true Brexit, she could have said, or face the electorate you betrayed.”

The 1922 Committee has demanded Mrs May set out a timetable for her departure or face a no-confidence vote.

Sir Graham Brady, the chair of the influential group of backbenchers, issued the Prime Minister with an ultimatum to leave with or without a Brexit withdrawal deal in place.

One Brexiteer on the 1922 Committee said Mrs May is likely to escape challenges to her leadership due to her bringing the bill to Parliament.

The executive member told The Sun: “I will vote for a rule change, but I’m not sure we will have the numbers now.

“Some colleagues will have been persuaded by this (Brexit deal) to give her more time.”

The latest YouGov survey of voter intentions for the European elections puts the Tories trailing in fifth place behind Nigel Farage’s eurosceptic Brexit Party, Labour, Liberal Democrats and the Green Party.

The poll of 2212 voters conducted between May 8 and May 9 on behalf of the Times put the Brexit Party at 34 percent while Mrs May was projected to win a meager 10 percent of the vote.

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