George and Charlotte break strict Wimbledon rule – rare exception made for them

Princess Charlotte and Prince George broke a strict Wimbledon rule by watching Carlos Alcaraz take on Novak Djokovic at Centre Court yesterday.

Many at home watching the five-set spectacle noted the youngsters weren’t supposed to be there.

Kids are allowed to attend show courts but only if they stay quiet. However, they’re usually forbidden from the Royal Box.

The rule tends to be strictly enforced but exceptions have been made for young royals in recent years. Prince George broke it last year by watching last year’s final between Djokovic and Nick Kyrgios.

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At the time, he broke another rule by declaring his support for Djokovic.

Prince George and Princess Charlotte attended the event this year’s event with their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales. Their brother, Prince Louis, was nowhere to be seen.

Princess Kate told Ella Ottaway, Children, Young People and Families Coordinator at Wimbledon: “It’s Charlotte’s first time, George came last year.

“They’ve been eagerly watching. Charlotte you’ve been getting to grips with the scoring, haven’t you.

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“Louis was very upset he wasn’t coming today.”

Discussing George’s previous rule-breaking, Daily Express Royal Correspondent Richard Palmer told Royal Roundup host Pandora Forsyth: “Somebody shouted out to George about who he wanted to win [the match].

“He [George] appears to say he wanted Djokovic to win.”

Richard Palmer added that royals “aren’t supposed to really do that”.

It is well documented that the royals have to remain neutral on many topics, including politics. It appears this expectation carries over to sports matches.

Youngsters are not allowed to sit in the Royal Box under any circumstances – a rule that is understood to have frustrated tennis fans in the past.

It was widely reported in 1999 that the Duchess of Kent asked the All England Lawn Tennis & Croquet Club if she could invite a 12-year-old guest to sit with her.

The boy was the son of the Duchess’ late friend, and she wanted to take the give grieving child out on a special day.

Then club chairman John Curry said in a statement: “Because of demand for space in the royal box, we also ask that, apart from children of the royal family, children are not invited as they exclude other worthy people from attending, many of whom contribute to tennis.”

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