Gibraltar row: EU and Madrid sent warning over ‘hypocrisy’ – ‘You’ll live to regret it!’

Carmen Gomez launched a scathing attack on the Brussels bloc and Madrid, warning both against their orchestrated plan to snatch Gibraltar from the UK. Ms Gomez said the relationship between Gibraltar and the UK was “undisputable” as it “is in our DNA”.

Writing for Gibraltar’s news site Panorama, she said: “The relationship between Gibraltar and the United Kingdom is in our DNA, that is indisputable.

“However, we need to face reality here and now.

“If we value the freedom of our rights, if we are artisans of liberty and justice, then it’s our plain duty to say and to take as many people with us as we can.

“This is exactly what Joseph Garcia, Deputy Chief Minister, is doing, has been doing, and will continue to do, until everyone that matters to Gibraltar learns of our plight, fully understands the harm that the EU is inflicting upon us in their siding with Spain, comprehends what the politics of Spain are in relation to Gibraltar, and finally takes steps to remedy this.”

Her comments come after the EU moved to back Spain in its bid to regain sovereignty of the region which sits on its southern coast.

Brussels chiefs railroaded Prime Minister Boris Johnson into striking a post-Brexit deal with Spain about Gibraltar’s future by excluding the region from any EU-UK trade deal.

The move was after Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez put pressure on the EU to exclude the Rock from the future UK/EU trade agreement.

The EU is no longer obliged to remain neutral in the longstanding dispute over sovereignty of Gibraltar because Britain is no longer a member state.

But Ms Gomez warned Spain it could “live to regret” its move to snatch Gibraltar from the UK.

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She said: “With Margallo’s insistence that Brexit offers them the key to Gibraltar’s return to Spain and they must act now. They have opened up Pandora’s box and they may live to regret this.”

Ms Gomez also accused Spain of “bullying” the EU into action.

It comes after the bloc provocatively described Gibraltar as a “colony of the British crown”.

She said: “We once were a colony but no longer, except that because of a foot note that Spain desperately bullied the EU into inserting in a recent ruling, they have us down as one.”

Ms Gomez also accused Spain of “unstoppable hypocrisy” as she referenced the Spanish autonomous cities of Ceuta and Melilla.

The actress added: “There is no apparent parallel with us and Ceuta and Melilla, but the hypocrisy of the Spanish is unstoppable.

“Because those in Ceuta and Melilla want to retain the status quo, Spain staunchly and self-righteously adheres to the principle of self-determination, except, that is, when it comes to Gibraltar and Catalonia.”

Since Gibraltar formally became a British Overseas Territory in 1713, Spain has pushed to regain sovereignty of the Rock.

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