‘Gone too far’: Shoppers slam Primark’s new gender neutral ‘parenthood’ range

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The large retailler says the new range will “make life easy” and keep parents warm during the winter. However, the collection is described as “a maternity capsule wardrobe” and so some shoppers have blasted the use of the word “parenthood”.

One customer wrote online: “Parenthood range?? For the love of god.”

Another added: “Parenthood???? Maternity.”

A third post reads: “Agree – what dad needs clothes for when the woman is pregnant. It’s gone too far now.”

Another simply wrote: “Oh ffs, grow up.”

All female models are posed wearing the garments in photos on Primark’s website.

But My London details how the chain has received praise for its new line. 

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One Instagram user posted: “I think it’s more to do with how gender has become more of a spectrum recently and not everyone who gives birth wants to be known as a mother, someone who may be non binary may decide they prefer to be known as a parent.”

Another wrote: “Primark always has our backs… OMG you guys are killing it.”

And other fans picked up on different areas of contention like the sizing, with one remarking: “What about plus, not just 18 or 20?” has contacted Primark for a comment.

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