Grace Kelly’s father exploded at Rainier before wedding: ‘No one charges my daughter!’

Grace Kelly: Father 'furious' with Rainier demand says expert

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Grace’s on screen dreams appeared to turn to reality when she married her very own Prince in 1956. Rainier III was the ruling Prince of Monaco, a luxurious coastal principality in the south of France. Her marriage provided a gateway to an enviable lifestyle.

However, it marked the end to her successful and lucrative acting career.

While Grace was privy to state coffers, a new Channel 5 documentary ‘Grace Kelly: The Missing Millions’ suggests it also marked the beginning of her financial turmoil.

Forensic accountant Gemma Godfrey dived into the star’s finances and retraced her wealth before and after marrying Rainier.

Snippets of concerns about Grace’s wealth in the hands of the Prince surfaced before Ms Godfrey carried out her investigation.

During the broadcaster’s 2020 documentary, ‘Grace of Monaco: Hollywood princess’, royal commentators suggested that Grace’s father, John Kelly, was furious on finding out that Rainier wanted a dowry ahead of their wedding.

Speaking during the programme, Sarah Gristwood, a royal historian, said: “Grace Kelly was expected to bring to the marriage not only her high profile glamour, but also quite a large cash dowry: $2million (£1.4m).”

In royal circles dowries are often a traditional part of a wedding.

In Grace’s case they are said to have boosted the cash-strapped coffers of Monaco, in the process wiping out her personal savings as well as a future inheritance.

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Wesley Kerr, a royal commentator, revealed how this enraged John.

He said: “When it was first put to Grace’s father, he said, ‘My daughter Grace doesn’t have to pay anyone to marry her!'”

Talking about Rainier and John’s meeting in the US, Leslie Carroll, a royal author, said: “When Rainier came to visit him, he was like, ‘Hey, I’m the King of Philadelphia. You’re in my kingdom now Mr.'”

Grace was determined despite her father’s reservations, with claims suggesting she may have parted with some of the cash herself.


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Ms Carroll, said: “Grace had to show up with not only her glamour and cache as on Oscar wining actress, not only with her Catholic womb, but with her cheque book.”

Her last film, ‘High Society’, almost mirrored the events going on in her life.

Rainier was on set during filming, and just a few weeks after the production came to a close, Grace headed to Monaco on a lengthy boat trip.

She spent the rest of her life in Monaco, having three children with Rainier: Caroline, Princess of Hanover, Prince Albert II and Princess Stéphanie.

In 1986, while returning from the family’s holiday home, Grace had a stroke behind the wheel and lost control of her car.

It tumbled down a 100ft ravine, turning over several times before stopping in a garden.

She sadly passed away.

Stéphanie, who had been with her, survived the crash.

Had Grace lived through the tragic accident she would today be 91 years old.

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