Greta Thunberg leads COP26 crowd in singalong ‘shove your climate crisis up your a***!’

Greta Thunberg fumes at world leaders and COP26 in rant

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The 18-year-old Swedish activist has been spotted leading COP26 climate protestors in singing “you can shove yer climate crisis up yer a***”. Greta Thunberg addressed a crowd of hundreds in a Glasgow park on the first day of the climate summit. Ms Thunberg told the climate protestors global leaders were not doing enough to combat climate change before launching into the tongue-in-check singalong.  

Ms Thunberg told the crowd: ”This COP26 is just like the previous ones. It is leading us nowhere.

“Inside COP26 politicians and people in power are pretending to take our future seriously but they are lying.

“Change is not going to come from inside there. They are not the leadership, this here is leadership.”

The campaigner added: “No more exploitation of people and the planet. No more of whatever the f*** they are doing in there at COP26.”


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