Groundbreaking puncture-proof tyre invented – and thousands of cyclists have bought a pair

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The new tyre, which has undergone 15 years of research and development, is capable of riding over thorns, nails, potholes and broken glass without suffering a puncture.

The groundbreaking invention, made by South Korean manufacturer Tannus, is now being dubbed the “tyre for life”.

It can also last for at least 5,000 miles without being changed.

Some users have even claimed being able to travel more than 12,000 miles on a single set – the distance between London and Melbourne.

More than 50,000 cyclists in the UK have already swapped their ordinary tyres for the Tannus brand with similar figures in the US.

CEO Jazz Walia said the product will keep people safer as they will not have to deal with a puncture in the dark.

The Essex-born businessman said: “For safety reasons alone this is an absolute no brainer, customers will never have to deal with a puncture in the dark or a blowout in the middle of rush hour ever again.

“We have spent years perfecting this tyre and I can honestly say it does what it says on the tin.

“Competitors have tried to copy our formula but our materials and ingredients have remained secret and we are years ahead of anyone else in this field.”

Although the product has already received commercial success, Mr Walia claims retailers are reluctant to sell the product.

He said: “I think we are Britain’s best kept secret, the specialist bike riders know all about us but your average cyclist just accepts what he buys in the shop and to be honest some retailers are reluctant to sell out product.

“Why? Because they won’t have customers returning regularly to order new wheels and tyres and buy puncture repair kits!

“However, with almost two million people riding bikes in the UK, I feel the public has the right to choose.

“Also during lockdown due to COVID-19 there’s been a 200 percent surge in people taking to their bikes and we maintain riders will be safer and more secure on our tyres.

“Take the UK’s problems with potholes for example, riding on airless tyres could save thousands being injured every year.

“What we’re seeing now post lockdown is a real shift in priorities from consumers, there’s been a real emphasis on sustainability and people are more conscious than ever of their carbon footprint.”

Tannus tyres start from just £29.99 and come in all sizes and colours.

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