‘Gutsy’ Queen set to wade into Royal Family disputes after monarch abandons royal mantra

Queen to ‘change the narrative’ predicts expert

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Queen Elizabeth II has reportedly decided to step into further Royal Family disputes after becoming concerned at falsehoods being reported in the media. Sunrise’s Edwina Bartholomew and Robert Ovadia both backed the move to give greater clarity to the ongoings in the Royal Family.

Mr Ovadia said: “The Queen is always wise, she has earned wisdom over the years, I love her I just think she is great.

“She has got such guts, the amount of c**p over the years that has been misrepresented and misreported, she’s happy to let slide but when it’s misrepresenting her and is being potentially used to portray a falsehood, she wants to step in, I think that is fantastic.”

Ms Bartholomew stated: “I think history would have played out very differently if this had been the policy all along.”

She added: “Perhaps this will change the narrative around this, what is really a sad story.

“There are reports in the Mail on Sunday that Harry sent a text message to Kate.

“We shouldn’t have that kind of detail and it is just playing out in the press day by day and it is time to hear the truth from both sides.”

According to reports one of the reasons the Queen has chosen to abandon her mantra is due to the conflicting reporting on whether she was informed on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to name their daughter Lilibet after the monarch’s pet name in the Royal Family.

US Weekly royal commentators Joe Drake and Molly Mulshine discussed Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s name choice for their second child.

Meghan and Harry: Relationship with Queen is ‘solid’ says expert

Ms Mulshine stated that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have made a “real statement” by picking such an intimate royal name for their daughter.

Mr Drake said: “Archie was very much out of left-field in my opinion.

“So if they were still senior members of this Royal Family and they had this baby girl, I think they may have chosen something a little bit more rogue like Archie.


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“Whereas Lilibet Diana is really following that royal runway.”

Ms Mulshine replied: “Right, Lilibet Diana is really planting a flag in the ground and saying this is a royal baby.

“This baby is royal make no mistake, she is intimately royal.

“She is not Elizabeth, she is Lilibet, it is a real statement.”

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