Hair experts unveil Kate Middleton’s hack to maintain ‘lustrous locks’

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The Princess also has a breakfast smoothie which consists of kale, spinach and spirulina which are said to be some of her favourite foods. Another favourite food Kate Middleton enjoys is lentil curry, and it’s thought that the Princess especially craved the meal while she was pregnant. 

Kate Middleton also occasionally enjoys snacking, as is known to enjoy goji berries, raw fruits and vegetables, which are packed with nutrients which help with strong hair growth.

She also occasionally eats porridge as a small meal to keep as energy levels up throughout the day.

If she doesn’t have time for a meal, her go-to snack is easy bites such as vegetable kebabs.

Another of the Princess of Wales’ favourite meals is said to be a watermelon salad topped with avocado, cucumber and feta.

Nick Willis, a master hairdresser at Charles Worthington Salon, has said one of the keys to maintaining long hair like Kate Middleton’s is diet.

He said: “A healthy diet is key to adding shine and strength to your hair. I would recommend a diet of oily fish which are rich in omega acids, these contribute to our natural collagen which is essential for great skin and hair.

“Other sources of omega-rich foods are walnuts, spinach and flax seed. Exercise is also vital for healthy hair, our scalp needs healthy blood flow to stimulate the hair follicles and in turn produce strong hair.”

The hairstylist added: “Kate Middleton’s lustrous locks are her crowning glory. Envied and emulated by many, with the right colour and care, it’s possible to have similar hair to Kate.”

Since she joined the royal family, Kate Middleton has been known for her ironic wavy locks with a middle parting.

She had always had glossy dark brown hair, but recently changed her look last month by adding highlights.

Although the Princess of Wales is known for her fashion and glamorous style, Prince William once joked that her hair was a “nightmare”.

While attending an event for the charity Centrepoint, a trainee hairdresser spoke with the Prince who cheekily teased that Kate Middleton’s hair was “a bit of an issue” because it is “so long and thick”.

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It has also been revealed that Kate Middleton uses a “genius” method to keep her pinned-up hair perfect for hours while attending royal events, according to a hairstylist.

The TikTok account @bekah_and_co, has said the Princess of Wales uses a hair net to keep her hair in place.

Tiktoker Bekah said: “Even though she is practically perfect in every way, using a hair net will help maintain those sleek, smooth styles all day long.

“Wind, rain, shine, whatever, it will stay in place. She doesn’t always use it, but I would say the majority of the time when she wears those low buns, she is definitely wearing a hair net.”

She also said: “Someone like her, who’s in the spotlight all the time and is picked apart head to toe, any little hair out of place is going to make the front page news.

“Use a hairnet, keep everything in place and looking good.”

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