Half-naked skater plunges into Amsterdam canal after ice cracks under him

A skater plunged through thin ice on on Amsterdam canal, ending up half-naked in the freezing water.

Shocking video posted on social media shows how man, wearing swimming trunks, glided along the canal surface until it suddenly gave way, dumping him into the cold.

He swims to the side, but the wall is too high to pull himself out.

Someone throws a rope down from the side, but again it is difficult to haul himself from the water.

Thankfully, another skater sees what happened and comes over the edge of the ice with another rope, helping the man to roll back onto the solid ice.

After getting back on his feet, the man takes a bow for the people standing on the side watching.

The video, posted on Twitter on Monday, was captioned ‘ijs niet overal goed’, which translates as ‘the ice isn’t good everywhere’.

It has been viewed over 5 million times.

A cold snap in the Netherlands has led to canals including the Prinsengracht freezing over, leading to skaters lacing up.

But Prime Minister Mark Rutte warned against mass skating because of the risk of spreading Covid-19 as well as people injuring themselves and ending up in already stretched hospitals.

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