Harry and Meghan an ‘embarrassment to themselves’ claims Dan Wootton

CBS News: Harry and Meghan invited to King’s coronation

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have been slammed for being an “embarrassment to themselves” after promoting their children’s royal titles to Prince and Princess. Speaking on Sky News Australia, GB News host Dan Wootton criticised the couple for their “attention-seeking” behaviour.

Harry and Meghan announced last week that their daughter, who turns two in June, had been christened by the Archbishop of Los Angeles, the Rev John Taylor, in a private ceremony where she was referred to as Princess Lilibet Diana.

Her title and that of her brother Archie, who will turn four in May, would be updated on Buckingham Palace’s website, they said.

The couple’s children have not yet been invited to King Charles III’s coronation, The Telegraph reported recently.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex reportedly received their invitation via “email correspondence” following speculation over whether they would be in attendance.

However, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet are understood to have not been invited yet.

The couple was informed that the inclusion of Archie and Lilibet would be discussed in the event that they confirmed their own attendance.

In response, Mr Wootton said that the California-based couple have now gone “from farcical to pathetic”.

He told Sky News Australia: “Do you think it’s now time that maybe we just start feeling sorry for this embarrassing couple, who have stripped away their last remaining vestige of dignity over the past week.”

He said Harry and Meghan are an “attention seeking couple” given they spent years persuading fans that the Royal Family were a “backwards organisation that should have no place in modern society.”

He added: “What we have seen is Harry and Meghan, have spent the past two years, trying to tell us that the Royal Family is racist, backward organisation, that should have no place in modern society.

“And then announced to the world that ‘we are demanding Archie and Lillibet become Prince and Princess because it’s their birth right’.

“It’s gone from farcical to pathetic now.

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“They were a laughing stock in America, and what they have proven is that all of the rhetoric around the Royal Family, and the institution being wrong for society is not something they actually believe.

“They just want to be King and Queen, and if they cant be, they’ll try and bring it down.”

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