Harry and Meghan ‘convinced’ they are ‘blessed’ with Diana’s magic

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex set off on an Australian tour in 2018 that echoed the late Diana, Princess of Wales’ 1983 tour with her former husband, Charles. The couple believed the success of their visit was due to the fact they had been “blessed” by Harry’s late mother’s “magic”, according to royal author Tom Bower.  

During their trip, Harry and Meghan visited a number of key landmarks including Bondi Beach and the Sydney Opera House, they also attended the Invictus Games. 

Prince Harry, speaking to a reporter at the Invictus Games this year, said he feels his late mother’s presence in everything he does. 

Mr Bower claimed the couple felt their 2018 Australian tour was a success because of Diana’s “magic” which they believe they have been “blessed” with. 

However, Mr Bower said the couple had failed to acknowledge the late Princess had spent several years building up her relationship with the public. 

The Mirror reported the author and journalist saying: “The Sussexes had convinced themselves that their Australian success blessed them with Diana’s magic. Meghan could not understand that Diana had won the public’s affection after years of work.

“Neither she nor Harry could grasp that emulating Diana required time, to weave a narrative and create a brand from which influence would flow.”

The Duke has been very vocal about his mother’s death and how it affected him as a young boy and in more recent times. 

During an interview at the Invictus Games in April, Harry said his mother’s presence is “constant” and is in “everything” he does. 

He said: “For me, it’s constant. It has been over the last two years. More so than ever before. It’s almost as though she’s done her bit with my brother, and now she’s helping me.”

According to Princess Diana’s biographer, Andrew Morton, Harry will use her presence to help him make decisions in life. 

Speaking to the Mirror’s podcast, Pod Save the King, Morton said: “I think that Diana’s influence has lasted longer than anybody thought because her torchbearers in life, William and Harry, have not forgotten her and have held concerts in her memory.

“Harry himself says that he never makes a decision without referring it to her in a spiritual sense.

“She marked a turning point in the way the Royal Family behaved and through her behaviour helped to modernise and make more human the Royal Family.

“So it wasn’t big handbags, white gloves and standoffish. It was more touchy-feely than it had ever been in the past. So she made the Royal Family more relevant to modern times.”

Prince Harry is expected to open up about the trauma of dealing with the death of his mother in his new memoir, Spare, which is set to be released in January. 

The book’s publisher Penguin Random House in a statement: “It was one of the most searing images of the twentieth century: two young boys, two princes, walking behind their mother’s coffin as the world watched in sorrow — and horror.

“As Diana, Princess of Wales, was laid to rest, billions wondered what the princes must be thinking and feeling — and how their lives would play out from that point on.”

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