Harry and Meghan fans outraged as Piers Morgan vows to take swift vengeance on Duchess

Harry and Meghan's popularity 'threatens' other royals

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The news comes as the controversial and Twitter trigger-happy TV personality made threats against the Duchess, suggesting she is in for a “nasty surprise”. Mr Morgan has promised to deal a scathing attack on the Duchess of Sussex in his new column in The Sun, promising to have the last word over Meghan.

However, fans of the royal couple have put the outspoken former Good Morning Britain host back in his place.

Taking to Twitter to vent their fury at the TV star, Arizona Native said: “He is a joke. Remember the comments about Meghan Markle.”

Energetic Psyche said: “Listen Piers, you have far far faaaar more haters than people liking you, that’s a fact.”

They ended by saying: “You’re hated as much as Tony Blair.”

Slamming Mr Morgan for claiming the Duchess had attacked him, Esoteric said: “I think Meghan might have been right about you the whole time.”

Taking the debate further, NYMom5 said: “Coming from a so-called white privileged idiot in TV. Stay in your lane not.”

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Come with Me took to tackling Mr Morgan’s immaturity by saying: “It’s hard to take you seriously as a man ever since Meghan Markle ghosted you and you acted like a hurt little boy lol Grow a pair Piers and stop. Just stop.”

Frank Carson summed up the debate well by saying: “For somebody who doesn’t agree with people being cancelled Piers Morgan is very quick to block anybody on Twitter.”

Piers quit GMB last March amid a row and a furious backlash over his coverage of the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, and her Oprah Winfrey interview alongside her husband Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex.

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