Harry and Meghan ‘like woke dictators’ after new report on legal move

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Meghan and Prince Harry have been accused of behaving like “entitled woke dictators”. Foreign policy analyst and Royal Family enthusiast Nile Gardiner took to Twitter to share his views on an unconfirmed report from a royal expert. Mentioning sources close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, royal commentator Neil Sean claimed, as reported by GB News, the couple’s “legal team are casting an eye” over the South Park episode titled The Worldwide Privacy Tour to “see what is wrong and what could be turned into something more sinister”. Meghan and Harry were relentlessly lampooned in the latest episode of the satirical cartoon, in which characters simply called the “Prince of Canada and his wife” demanded privacy while writing a tell-all memoir, going on national TV and attracting attention. Fox News said it has not yet been confirmed whether legal action will be taken or not. Commenting Mr Sean’s claims, Mr Gardiner tweeted: “Meghan and Harry only approve of free speech if it’s their own. They behave like entitled woke dictators.” The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s representatives have been approached for comment.


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