Harry and Meghan peaked with Oprah as Sussexes suffer ‘dramatic’ drop in US popularity

Meghan and Harry: Expert on ‘dramatic’ drop in US popularity

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Americans are starting to turn on Harry and Meghan, according to royal expert Kinsey Schofield. Speaking to GB News, Ms Schofield said that popularity for Harry and Meghan peaked after their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey earlier this year. However, she noted that the Duke and Duchess have seen their popularity drop “in a dramatic way” in the months since.

Ms Schofield explained: “They are causing a lot of trouble, not only over there but over here too.

“After the Oprah interview, support for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex was huge.

“But, I will say over the last few months people are starting to see that not all of those accusations were correct.

“Some of them were arguably dishonest and I think their popularity is waning in a dramatic way.”

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The royal expert said that the divide among Americans came down to “age and demographics”.

She added: “Younger people still clamour to them.

“It is the older people, those who are aware of the history and understand tradition, they can see perhaps that the Duke and Duchess may not have the best intentions when it comes to the Royal Family.”

This echoes similar remarks last week from GB News host Nigel Farage, who claimed that the couple’s “honeymoon period” in the US was over.

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The GB News presenter said the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had the advantage of being able to tell their side of the story first after moving across the pond.

But Mr Farage added that he can see American commentators “getting very bored” of the couple, who quit royal duties last year for a new life in California.

Mr Farage told “Meghan and Harry had mover’s advantage in that they were able to put their side of the argument out before anybody else.”


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He added: “But bit by bit, I can see even American commentators getting very bored with them, so I think their honeymoon is over.

“America is a little bit behind but Americans are beginning to see it.”

A recent YouGov poll suggested the Sussexes’ popularity in the UK is continuing to fall.

The poll of 1,667 British adults carried out from August 27 to 29 showed positive opinion on Harry has dropped nine points since April from 43 percent to 34 percent.

The survey found positive opinion on Meghan has also dropped from 29 percent in April to 26 percent.

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