Harry and Meghan will never regain their lost popularity – but they ‘don’t care’

A royal expert has claimed that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will “never” reach the height of popularity that they once had, particularly after their wedding day in 2018.

The couple have seen a sharp decline in their UK popularity since stepping down from royal duties, compared to the vast amount of public interest they had as senior royals.

The couple stepped away from royal life in 2020, less than two years after their fairytale wedding gripped the nation.

In recent months, Harry and Meghan, who have often been vocal about their time in the Royal Family, have seen their popularity fall to an all-time low.

Speaking to, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said that the couple’s standing in the UK is a “complete difference” to what they once had.

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Mr Fitzwilliams said: “As far as the popularity they used to have, it’s a completely different thing.

“It’ll never happen in Britain, where the ratings are minus.”

The expert added: “They have terrible poll ratings [and] all of them have been for ages.”

Despite their awful popularity ratings in the UK, Mr Fitzwilliams said that he believes it doesn’t concern the couple.

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He said: “That’s lost but I don’t think it concerns them.

“I don’t think they are concerned but I do think they are concerned with the wider world.”

Regarding this, the couple are now more than 5,000 miles away from the UK, having moved to the US after their royal exit.

After their departure, Meghan and Harry set up home in California. The couple live with their two children, Archie, four, and Lilibet, two.

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After constant speculation over what Meghan and Harry will do next, particularly after their deal with Spotify recently came to an end, Mr Fitzwilliams said that we should “expect some form of initiative”.

The couple still hold onto their multi-million-pound deal with Netflix, with two projects already out in the open.

No more projects via their Netflix deal have, so far, been officially announced.

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