Harry and Meghan’s US politics plan ‘unsuccessful’ as Netflix millions ‘could dry up’

Meghan Markle: Charles Rae explains 'snub' from Queen

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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from full-time royal duties in February 2020. Since leaving, the couple have set up their charitable organisation Archewell and have signed multi-million dollar deals with Spotify and Netflix. Meghan has in particular been tipped for a run as a US politician.

However, royal expert Daniela Elser suggested Meghan and Harry have not been successful in “moving the needle”.

She said: “Sadly, for two people who seem to truly care, there is not one issue, not one cause they have really moved the needle on since they embarked on this new life of theirs.”

“The bottom line is Harry and Meghan have proven totally unsuccessful at making themselves matter in the corridors of power in Washington, New York, Silicon Valley or Los Angeles.”

Ms Elser has also questioned if the “Sussex/Netflix marriage” can “survive”.

Writing for, Ms Elser added: “Potentially hundreds of millions of dollars are riding on this docuseries for the self-supporting, private jet-flying, polo-loving Sussexes.

“If it turns out that the Duke and Duchess are TV gold, if they are about to demonstrate that they are binge-worthy stars who can pull in streaming viewers globally, then their US careers are set. Get another polo pony! Hell, buy seven.

“But, if they fail to live up to the hype and the rhetoric? The huge sums being touted and all those lovely millions supposedly coming their way could dry up faster than a Californian lake.”

It comes as Meghan placed second in a poll of US Democrat voters asked who they want to run for President.

According to the Democracy Institute/ tracker poll, which surveyed 1,500 likely American voters between August 2 and 4, 2022, Michelle Obama was the preferred candidate at 41 percent.

Meghan was clear in second with 19 percent, even though she has not formally entered politics.


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Speaking to, Patrick Basham, director of the Democracy Institute, explained that Ms Markle was a candidate Democrats could “pin their hopes on”.

He said: “Megan Markle is a candidate Democratic voters can project their hopes and preferences on.

“Because yes she is a well known figure but she is not a well known political figure.

“Although those who have a sense for politics know that she is of a woke, progressive, left liberal disposition, we don’t know what she thinks in detail on a wide range of issues. That doesn’t matter for most people.”

Meanwhile, reports from Page Six suggested Netflix wants it’s Meghan Markle and Prince Harry-focussed documentary to air around the same time as the release of season five of its hit series The Crown.

It’s believed the steaming platform is hoping to coincide the documentary’s launch with that of the series in November in order to capitalise on the Duke’s upcoming biography, which is set to be released this winter.

Page Six previously reported that Meghan and Harry want the series to launch next year.

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