Harry and William need ‘deep meaningful conversation’ to mend relationship – expert

Prince Harry and Prince William unveil Diana statue in July

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Speaking to USA lifestyle publication US Weekly, host of ‘Podcast Royal’ Rachel Burchfield suggested a deep conversation was required to address key issues not just major issues between Prince Harry and Prince William but also rifts with the Royal Family and Sussex’s. The Royal Family expert claimed how even issues which stem back to childhood should be addressed in order for the brothers to repair their bond. Ms Burchfield claimed that their relationship was like any other siblings and that despite rifts, they will always love one another.

Ms Burchfield said: “Anyone with siblings knows that while you might not always like your sibling or agree with them – you will always love them.

“And I hope that their love as brothers can see them through to a point where they can have some sort of healthy relationship.

Ms Burchfield was then asked what she thought needed to happen for the brothers to get back the special bond they shared as youngsters.

The royal expert suggested that taking the time to have “really deep meaningful conversations” would be key to helping repair their fractured bond.

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But the royal expert insisted these converstions should not just be about their own relationship and the rifts between the Sussex’s and Buckingham Palace but also seek to find a reconnection they had from childhood.

She said: “It is difficult enough to have the air and spare dynamic especially when there are only two siblings involved.

“And then add into the mix their parents extremely toxic relationship [and the events] so tragically unexpected in their teenage years… there is a lot to unpack there.”

She claimed that this array of issues will mean it will “take time and a lot of effort” to get to the bottom of mending their relationship.

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But she added how believes it is “possible” for the brothers to work out a resolution together.

The comments come as Meghan Markle and Prince Harry could be working on a new movie, according to biographer of Finding Freedom, Omid Scobie.

Appearing on the Royally Obsessed podcast royal author Omid Scobie, who wrote a book about the Sussexes, suggested they could be working on a film.

He said: “I had a very interesting conversation with some executives at Netflix recently. I was trying my best to get a little bit on the Sussexes.

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“All that was said to me was ‘oh man, you don’t even know the half of what they’re working on. They are aiming so high’.

“So I think the one thing that may surprise us at one point – and I don’t know when this will be, and this is just my own guess really, I think this is when we’re going to hear some sort of movie announcement.”

The Sussexes’ first Netflix project, a documentary titled ‘Heart of Invictus’, was announced in April. This will follow competitors at the Invictus Games, a tournament for wounded service personnel founded by Harry.

The next Invictus Games are due to take place in 2022, at The Hague in the Netherlands, having been delayed two years because of coronavirus.

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