Harry blasted as bombshell book release to loom over Kate’s birthday

Prince Harry has ‘crossed the line’ as America loses support

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Prince Harry’s sister-in-law, Kate, is set to celebrate her birthday on January 9, just one day before the release of the Duke of Sussex’s bombshell memoir. Speaking exclusively to, royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams has spoken out about Harry’s “bizarre” claims on the eve of Kate’s big day.

Speaking to, Mr Fitzwilliams said: “Harry and Meghan presumably remember that 9th January is Catherine’s birthday, but they are not a sentimental couple.”

Speaking of Harry’s interview for ITV, which airs tonight at 9pm, he added that Kate’s birthday will be “marked by the aftermath of Harry’s interview” with Tom Bradby, as well as the Duke’s pending televised US interview with Anderson Cooper for NBC’s 60 Minutes.

He described the interviews as “birthday surprises” for the Princess of Wales, who will turn 41 on Monday.

Despite feeling “strongly” about them, Kate will “undoubtedly maintain a dignified silence” as the future Queen Consort.

He claims that he believes the Royal Family will “remain silent” in the media storm.

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Like the timing of Harry’s memoir, Mr Fitzwilliams also pointed out that “the release of a trailer for their Netflix docuseries overshadowed the second day of William and Catherine’s trip to Boston”.

He added that already-released extracts from the memoir are “among the most bizarre utterances ever from a member of the Royal Family”.

He noted Harry’s claims that “the relationship between Catherine and Meghan was distant”, suggesting that it occasionally verged on being “hostile”.

The royal expert also pointed out that Harry appears to resent his brother “so deeply and bitterly”.

Prince Harry reflects on mother’s death in ITV interview teaser

Last month, just one week before the first three episodes aired, Netflix released the first teaser trailer for the Sussexes’ docu-series, Harry and Meghan.

The same day marked Kate and William’s second day in Boston for the 2022 Earthshot Prize Awards.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, at the time, royal commentator R. Couri Hay praised the Prince and Princess of Wales.

He claimed that the couple is set to “restore dignity” and “friendliness” of the Royal Family, amid the heightened tension between the family and the Sussexes.


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With the release of Spare in two days time, Harry is set to appear in a televised interview tonight on ITV at 9pm.

Harry will also appear in a US interview on NBC’s 60 Minutes with Anderson Cooper on Sunday.

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