Harry claims Diana would be ‘heartbroken’ at William for breaking pact

Prince Harry says Diana would be ‘heartbroken’ about William feud

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Prince Harry has previously accused to Firm of leaking and planting stories in the press about himself and his wife, Meghan Markle. During an interview with Good Morning America, he said his late mother, Princess Diana, would have been “heartbroken” about “the fact” William was involved in these stories.

The Duke of Sussex sat down with former NFL player Michael Strahan for an interview on Good Morning America ahead of the release of his new book, Spare, which comes out on Tuesday.

He told the host that sharing “the truth” is what will help him to bring peace between himself and members of the Royal Family.

The 38-year-old prince also spoke with Strahan about his fractured relationship with his older brother, Prince William, and how he believes their latest mother would have felt about the situation.

His appearance on Good Morning America is his third interview to air ahead of the book’s release after he already spoke candidly for ITV and CBS.

In a clip released from the interview, Mr Strahan asks Harry what Diana would think of his and his older brother’s relationship now.

He simply replied: “Sad”.

He added: ” “I think she would be sad. I think she’d be looking at it long term to know that there are certain things that we need to go through to be able to heal the relationship.

“I think she would be heartbroken over the fact that William, his office were part of these stories and William and I made a pact.”

Harry claimed that the people William employed broke a longstanding pact between the two brothers.

The pact, he said, was that “no matter what” the brothers “would never let their offices fight against” each other.

The Duke did, however, take some responsibility for the breakdown of his and William’s relationship.

When asked by Strahan if he thinks he played a part in their now-fraught relationship, Harry replied: “Without question. Sure.”

Pointing out a sibling rivalry between himself and William, he said: “There has always been this competition between us, weirdly.

“But what people don’t know is the efforts that I’ve gone to resolve this privately both with my brother and with my father.”

As well as discussing his late mother, he spoke about his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, who he said was never upset with him about his decision to step down from his senior role in the family.

Speaking about his late grandmother, Mr Strahan asked him: “Did she ever express that she was upset at you?”

Harry responds: “For what?”

Strahan replies: “For wanting to change your role.”

Harry says: “No. My grandmother and I had a very good relationship. It was never a surprise to anybody, least of all her.

“She knew what was going on. She knew how hard it was. She never said to me that she was angry. I think she was sad that it got to that point.”

Discussing his tell-all memoir and reason for writing it, he said: “I don’t think that we can ever have peace with my family unless the truth is out there.

“There’s a lot that I can forgive, but there needs to be conversations in order for reconciliation, and part of that has to be accountability.”

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