Harry claims Palace ‘weren’t going to protect’ Meghan

Members of public react to Harry and Meghan's docuseries

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Prince Harry claimed that it was “already clear” to the UK media that Buckingham Palace “weren’t going to protect” Meghan Markle as the couple spoke about their issues with the Royal Family in the second part of the bombshell series. The final three episodes of the series were released on Thursday morning.

Meghan talked in detail about how she considered taking her own life while Harry described how he feels shame looking back at how he reacted, reverting to “Institutional Harry” rather than “Husband Harry”.

As the fifth episode begins, Harry spoke about the media and how there were constantly critical of Meghan.

He said: “It was already clear to the media that the Palace wasn’t going to protect her.

“Once that happens, the floodgates open.”

Meghan continued: “And I realized that I wasn’t just…being thrown to the wolves.

“I was being fed to the wolves.”

The Duke of Sussex also spoke about his fallout with his brother Prince William in the latest episodes.

In 2020 the Duke and Duchess went to Sandringham, the royal estate in Norfolk, to discuss scenarios for the couple’s royal role with Harry’s father King Charles – then Prince Charles – as well as his brother and grandmother, the late Queen.

He recalls how the meeting went, saying: “It was terrifying to have my brother scream and shout at me and my father say things that just simply weren’t true, and my grandmother quietly sit there and sort of take it all in.”

He says his preference was to be half in, half out of the Royal Family, with him and Meghan doing their own jobs but also supporting the Queen.

“It became very clear, very quickly that that goal was not up for discussion,” he said.

As for the Queen, he said her ultimate responsibility was the institution of the Royal Family.

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Harry also claimed a joint statement was put out after the meeting without his permission in his and his brother’s name.

The statement denied a story that William had bullied him out of the Royal Family.

He described the move as a “lie to protect my brother”, adding: “There was no other option at this point. I said, ‘we need to get out of here’.”

The father of two explained that Meghan had not asked to leave and that saying she drove the decision was “misogyny at its best”.

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace has not commented on any of the statements.

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