Harry may have ‘declined’ balcony appearance, says King’s ex-butler

Prince Harry may have “declined” an invite to appear on the Coronation balcony, former royal butler Grant Harrold claimed. Mr Harrold previously worked for the now-King Charles III for seven years as part of his royal household. He added that it was a “shame” that Harry couldn’t be “united” with other members of the Royal Family on the balcony.

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Speaking exclusively to Spin Genie, Mr Harrold said: “It’s a difficult one because there were other non-working members of the Royal family there, including the page boys.

“I think it would have been nice for Harry to be there, but it’s a decision that they’ve decided to take.”

He added: “For all we know, they could have asked him and he may have declined.

“It is a shame because it would have been nice to see them all united on this special day.”

Mr Harrold then spoke about Harry’s seating in the Abbey, stating he was “still within the Royal area, he was only three rows back, and he was sitting with other members of the Royal family”.

He added: “During the service, Harry wasn’t a part of the service whereas William was, but that’s very much following tradition, protocol and etiquette, so quite normal.

“We did see Harry looking over to William during the ceremony – maybe that was Harry looking over and thinking how William, like their father, is now having to take on a huge responsibility or maybe it was because of everything that has gone on [between them], maybe it was something personal.”

Harry’s attendance was confirmed via the Palace last month, over a week after the reported cut-off date.

May 6 marked the first time Harry has reunited with the Royal Family since last September, when he and Meghan attended the late Queen’s funeral.

The date of the Coronation also marked Harry’s son Archie’s fourth birthday, which experts believed swayed Meghan in her decision to remain in the US.

Harry reportedly swiftly returned to Heathrow Airport shortly after the ceremoy ended, likely hoping to make it back to California in time to see his young son on his special day.

In the statement, which was released last month, the Palace confirmed that Meghan would “remain” in the US.

The family-of-four all travelled over to the UK last June to attend the late Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

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