Harry says Palace got scared after he and Meghan ‘did job better’

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The Duke of Sussex claimed the popularity gained by his wife in her first few months as a working Royal Family member caused “upset” and “shifted the balance”. Speaking in the fourth episode of the six-parter Harry & Meghan, the fifth-in-line to the throne said: “The issue is when someone who’s marrying in, who should be a supporting, a supporting act, is then stealing the limelight, or is doing the job better than the person who is born to do this… That upsets people. It shifts the balance.” 

While images of Kate, Princess of Wales, and King Charles carrying out royal engagements flashed on the screen, Harry continued: “Because you’ve been led to believe that the only way that your charities can succeed and the only way that your reputation can be grown or improved is if you’re on the front page of those newspapers.”  

While Prince Harry didn’t mention Prince William by name, he appears to be referring to his elder brother when mentioning the person who was “born to do this”.  

The Duke went on to claim “the media” chooses who gets to be on the front page of their publications before recalling a momentous episode for Meghan. 

He said: “First time that the penny dropped for her, M and I spent the night in a room in Buckingham Palace after an event where every single member of the family had been, including the Queen.”

The next day, one of Britain’s broadsheets chose to feature prominently on its front page the Duchess of Sussex rather than other members of the Firm, a move which seemingly left the Duchess of Sussex stunned and concerned.  

Harry said: “She was like, ‘But it’s not my fault’. And I said, ‘I know. And my mum felt the same way’.” 

The event the Duke referred to was the 2019 Festival of Remembrance, a concert held every year at the Royal Albert Hall to honour the fallen, veterans and service people. 

The documentary then recalled Princess Diana and Charles’s first joint tour of Australia in the early 1980s, which cemented the late Princess of Wales’ global stardom and, as Diana recalled in her controversial interview with Martin Bashir in 1995, sparked the jealousy of her then-husband. 

Meghan also achieved global stardom with her first-ever royal tour abroad.   

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex travelled through Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga for a gruelling 16-day tour in September 2018. 

Hours before the trip began, Kensington Palace shared the news the Duchess was pregnant with her first baby – Archie Harrison. 

The trip involved several visits to charities and organisations, as well as attending the opening and closing ceremonies of the Invictus Games. 

Large crowds gathered throughout the tour to catch a glimpse of the newlyweds.  

Two friends of Meghan shared the Duke of Sussex’s belief Buckingham Palace became upset at the Duchess after she grew very popular with her tour in Oceania. 

Abigail Spencer, one of Meghan’s co-stars in TV legal drama Suits, said: “The work they were doing, the speeches, the people they were meeting, it seemed to be amazing.

“And then I don’t understand what happened after that.”

Similarly, another friend of the Duchess, Lucy Fraser, claimed: “I think Australia was a real turning point because they were so popular. So popular with the public.

“The internals at the palace were incredibly threatened by that.”

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