Harry warned Charles and William will no longer tolerate a ‘part-time royal’

Journalist Kate Mansey on Prince Harry and William relationship

Prince Harry has been warned that his father King Charles III and brother Prince William will not accept his status as a “part-time royal”.

The Sussexes’ arrangement since stepping down from royal duties in 2020 has been a source of contention.

Harry and wife Meghan Markle retained their Duke and Duchess of Sussex titles, despite losing their HRH status.

Since moving stateside, there has been a growing appetite for Harry and Meghan to be stripped of their titles, polling suggests.

These calls became louder following the release of Harry’s best-selling memoir, Spare, in January.

According to Tom Quinn, author of Gilded Youth: An Intimate History of Growing Up in the Royal Family, King Charles and Prince William aren’t best pleased with the current arrangement either.

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He explained: “The whole emphasis between King Charles and Prince William is that you cannot go against the late Queen’s firm belief that you can’t be a part-time royal.”

Mr Quinn continued: “You can’t hobnob with celebrities in America for six months and then come back here and pick and choose which events you want to be part of.

“I don’t think Charles and William will agree to that simply because Elizabeth hated the idea.”

Indeed, the late Queen’s commitment to the monarchy was beyond doubt.

As a young princess, she pledged that “my whole life, whether it be short or long, will be devoted to your service”.

She would go on to endear herself to the British nation with 70 years of public duties.

Aside from disappointing his grandmother, Harry risks “dragging the Royal Family into the whole American way of doing things”, Mr Quinn argued.

Interestingly, Americans themselves do not appear to have much appetite for Harry and Meghan retaining their titles.

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In the poll, conducted for Newsweek, only 26 percent said they were in favor of Meghan and Harry’s status remaining unchanged while 28 percent “don’t know” whether the King should take steps to strip them of the titles.

The poll was conducted following the release of Spare, which suggests Americans saw a conflict of interest.

The result marked a net swing compared to only December 5, when an earlier poll by Newsweek showed 43 percent of respondents wanted them to remain the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Following the release of Spare, Harry and Meghan have announced further projects, such as a foray into the movie business.

It remains to be seen whether this tension can be sustained.

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