Harry’s American accent in Spare’s audiobook sparks Twitter frenzy

Prince Harry: Spare becomes fastest selling non-fiction book

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The Duke of Sussex explained in his book how in his role as a trained FAC in Afghanistan, he had to be ready for any attack and work in collaboration with American pilots. To prepare for any eventuality, Prince Harry had interactions with other aircrafts to coordinate attacks. His attempt at impersonating the American accent from fellow army patrols had Twitter users in stitches.

In the audiobook, Harry says: “For instance, imagine two aircrafts come into your airspace.

The Duke then tries his best to do an American accent by pronouncing the rhotic R and the flap T: “Good morning, this is Dude Zero One and Dude Zero Two. We’re a pair of F-15s with 2 PGMs on board, plus one JDAM, we’ve got playtime of ninety minutes and we are currently two nautical miles east of your location at Flight Level 150, waiting for talk-on…”

The recording shared on Twitter sparked laughter and surprise among social media users who mocked but also praised the Duke for his failed attempt.

@celebitchy who shared the audio said: “Prince Harry doing an American accent!!”

With a laughing and a heart emoji, @Morph3aI tweeted: “I was just listening to this. How cute x heard his singing a bit of Your Song too. Love the audio version.”

@SteveCoy17, who also tweeted with laughing emojis, said: “It was passable in the beginning and then it just faded away to the British accent. Nice try though.”

Meanwhile @Daawaay said: “This is the best thing I’ve heard.”

@AngelaB93073879, who analysed his consonents pronunciation, said: “Pronouncing the ‘t’s’. That’s when he slips back into the British accent.”

@ebmclrk disagreed with the former Twitter user, saying: “It’s surprisingly good.” with @DrCNMcKenzie adding: “It’s pretty good!”

However, @ShawnaRoss praised Harry for his American pronunciation expect for the “Irish broguey ‘aboard'”.

The Duke of Sussex had previously stunned social media users by putting on a “box set American accent” in the first trailer of the Sussexes’ Netflix series, released last month.

The trailer opens with Harry saying: “It’s really hard to look back on it now and go ‘What on earth happened?”‘

Commenting on Harry’s accent, language expert Judi James said: “Driving along in profile like the star of a US cop drama and sporting moments of an American accent to add to the boxed set trailer effect, Harry appears as the hero of this trailer, either saving or pitying the ‘pain and suffering of women marrying into this institution’.”

Before the release of the Duke’s explosive memoir, former King’s College language specialist Tony Thorne said shades of an American accent can be heard in the Duke’s voice in an interview with US broadcaster NBC.

Besides dropping his ‘Ts’ in some instances, Mr Thorne told the Daily Mail that the 37-year-old is adopting ‘Therapy Speak’ in other instances, such as when he talks about topics such as ‘peace’ and ‘healing’.

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His changed accent did not go unnoticed in his latest interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby.

@EarlBrideshead said: “Blimey, #PrinceHarry has gone full Californian with his accent. Lost count of the consecutive sentences that tailed off with raising intonations. Like Meg is talking through him.”

That same night, another interview with Anderson Cooper on CBS’s 60 Minutes also sparked backlash from Twitter users.

@furbabygirl said: “Has anyone noticed Harry’s pseudo American accent ?” with the hashtag #HarryisaTraitor

It did not get lose on the Evening Standard’s Royal Editor Robert Jobson who remarked: “Now he is using the Meghanism “right” at the end of sentences. Oh dear. I am amazed Harry believes William will reconcile with him. Why on earth should he?”

A Twitter user responded: “I’m my view, anyone who voices their opinion and ends their point with the word “right?” Is implicitly attempting to get the hearer to agree with them out of politeness, to safeguard their own debatable view.”

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