Harry’s body language in Singapore shows he’s ‘uneasy without royal treatment’

Prince Harry takes part in charity polo match in Singapore

Prince Harry has become “uneasy” without the “full royal treatment”, a royal expert has claimed.

Body language expert Judi James clames the Duke of Sussex was “clowning around” during his recent trip to Singapore as he didn’t receive the same attention as when he was a working member of the royal family.

She analysed two clips of Prince Harry six years apart at the same polo match to see if there was a difference in his behaviour.

And she claimed that a lot has happened in the Duke’s life during those six years which has had a “powerful” impact on his body language.

She told the Mirror about Harry’s 2017 visit: “Harry is very much his mother’s son, mimicking Diana’s charisma as he goes on a hosted tour.”

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She added that “his bearing is royal” – but insisted his gestures and eye expressions are deeply caring and concerned.

The expert said: “Like his mother, he looks aware that his presence alone can make a difference but also that the display of tenderness will steer others towards the charity.”

She also pointed out the Duke used “active listening signals” as he stood surrounded by smiling faces while having his hands gently clasped in front of him.

And according to the expert, Prince Harry’s body language at the tournament stood out to her for “all the right reasons.”

But she had the opposite reaction to the current footage taken this month as the Duke of Sussex was met with very different circumstances as he is navigating life without the “full royal treatment.”

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She said: “He seems to be treated like an equal now and he also appears to have to vie for the kind of high levels of attention he is used to by playing pranks.

“He looks so happy to be back in the more macho world of slapping high fives and handshakes, although also rather uneasy at the less synchronised choreography.”

In the clip, the expert claimed that Prince Harry was seen waiting to be told where to go and used some “truncated gestures.”

She explained his body language suggested “he is unsure or even dithering in a way that doesn’t tend to happen when you’re a royal.”

Prince Harry then accepted the award for his team instead of his pal Nachos Figueras, but he turned his back to get attention before posing for a snap with Nachos.

When comparing the two polo players Judi said: “Nachos seems to be adopting the more grown up and even regal poses here, while Harry clowns around, even seeming to blow his friend a kiss at the end of the clip.”

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