Have you won £4.3million tonight with double lottery draw?

Gambling Commission gives evidence on the National Lottery

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The National Lottery is offering a combined £4.3 million up for grabs tonight, split across two draws. A £3.8 million Lotto draw and £500,000 Thunderball will run almost concurrently tonight. With the two combined, players could net two jackpots and up to 13 runners-up prizes.

What are the winning numbers for September 24?

Ticket sales for the National Lottery’s Saturday competitions close in a matter of hours.

Both the Thunderball and Lotto will sell their final tickets by around 7.30pm tonight.

Results from each draw will arrive some time after then, usually around 8pm or slightly later. will have the results as they come later this evening.

While only two people can win the top prize tonight, there are many other runner-up slots available.

The Thunderball draw comes with another five possible prizes, while the Lotto comes with eight.

Altogether, there are 13 additional, smaller prizes ranging in value from £1 million to £3.

The available prizes for the Thunderball draw include:

  • Six numbers: £3.8 million jackpot
  • Five numbers and the Bonus Ball: £1 million
  • Five numbers: £1,750
  • Four numbers: £140
  • Three numbers: £30
  • Two numbers: Free Lucky Dip

People can win the following prizes with the Lotto draw:

  • Five numbers and the Thunderball: £500,000
  • Five numbers: £5,000
  • Four numbers and the Thunderball: £250
  • Four numbers: £100
  • Three numbers and the Thunderball: £20
  • Three numbers: £10
  • Two numbers and the Thunderball: £10
  • One number and the Thunderball: £5
  • Thunderball only: £3

Unlucky lottery players who fail to win tonight will have ample opportunity to try again in the near future.

The National Lottery will hold another 10 draws from Monday, September 26 to October 1.

The schedule will work as follows:

Monday, September 26

  • Set for Life: 8pm

Tuesday, September 27

  • Thunderball: 8pm
  • Euromillions: 8.45pm

Wednesday, September 28

  • Lotto: 8pm
  • Thunderball: 8.15pm

Thursday, September 29

  • Set for Life: 8pm

Friday, September 30

  • Thunderball: 8pm
  • Euromillions: 8.45pm

Saturday, October 1

  • Lotto: 7.45pm
  • Thunderball: 8pm

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