‘He can’t overcome that’ Boris Johnson warned major obstacle to threaten Number 10 stay

LBC: Janet Daley remarks on Boris Johnson's credibility

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The outspoken American journalist then suggested that people in other jobs would have been dismissed for such a sackable offence. Janet Daley claimed that it is highly unlikely that Boris Johnson is ever going to make amends for his recent blunders and fix his tainted reputation. For the American columnist, Boris Johnson’s reputation is going to precede him until the end of his uncertain tenure after rumours surfaced of an alleged Christmas party in Downing Street while the rest UK was in lockdown on December 18 last year.

Ms Daley feels that he has not lived up to expectations when it comes to respecting the slogan ‘we’re all in this together’ which the Prime Minister likes to repeat whenever the going gets tough for Britain, not least in pandemic times.

Speaking to LBC presenter Nick Ferrari she said that the damage to his reputation has now been done and that his days in Downing Street could be numbered after allegedly “breaking the law”.

She said: “I was referring there to the hypocrisy charge, the business about the Christmas parties.

“He has effectively, or his Government has effectively trashed the slogan ‘We’re all in this together’.

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“If they all did it, then we were mugs and I can’t see how he can overcome that.

“That was a peculiar characteristic associated with him personally.

“I can’t imagine how he’s going to rescue his personal credibility.

Ms Daley was in no doubt that the PM was conscious that a party was going on between behind the scenes in Number 10 Downing Street that day.

The incensed American journalist pointed out that in any other walk of life a manager of a company may have received his marching orders for a similar sackable offence.

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The furious journalist told Mr Ferrari: “It’s not a question about whether he knew at the time although I am almost certain that he did.

“If his staff didn’t feel obliged to tell him, if he didn’t know, then he is a pretty hopeless, irresponsible manager.

“A manager of a company who didn’t know what was going on on the premises that was against the law would be sackable.

“And if he did know, then he has been dishonest when he claimed that nothing happened or that he didn’t know it happened.


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“The point is this [party] was on the premises and they were breaking the law.”

Cabinet Secretary Simon Case has been appointed to lead an investigation on the claims of Covid law breaches.

Mr Johnson already faced a number of allegations of wrongdoings in the past.

In 2019 he was accused of “lying” to the Queen after advising her to suspend Parliament for five weeks. 

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