Heart-stopping moment Olivia Pratt-Korbel’s suspected killer arrested

A jury today heard the brutal encounter Olivia Pratt-Korbell’s accused killer had with police in the final moments before his arrest on suspicion of murdering the nine-year-old. Thomas Cashman, who in December 2022 pleaded not guilty, is on trial at Manchester Crown Court as jurors hear evidence in relation to Olivia’s death in August last year.

Olivia died after a bullet went through the front door of her home, on Kingsheath Avenue in Dovecot, struck her mum in the hand and then hit her in the chest. 

The court heard the killer was pursuing 36-year-old Joseph Nee, who powered through the Korbel family’s front door fleeing for his life.

The accused, Cashman, was first arrested at The Decks in Runcorn in Cheshire on September 4, 2022.

The Liverpool Echo reported that bodycam footage shown in court starts focused on a door. An officer is heard shouting: “I need you to slowly open the door.”

A voice shouted back: “I’m putting my shoes on.”

The officer said in response: “Thomas, everything you do is being recorded.” The officer states they have body-worn recording equipment.

A man called John Wynne, an associate of the accused, was also there.

Mr Wynne can be heard asking: “What’s going on mate?”

The officer responded: “It’ll be explained to you in a moment.”

In reply, Cashman shouted: “I’m just putting my trainers on.”

Following the claim from the 34-year-old that he was putting on his shoes, an officer warned that if the door was not opened “it will be breached”.

The accused responded: “Don’t try and threaten and scare me. I’m getting my s*** together. My hands are in the air, you can handcuff me or do whatever you want.”

A sub-machine gun-style firearm was then pointed at the door by the officer. A green laser sight from the gun also became visible.

The officer said: “Slowly open the door, I want to see both your hands at all times. “Look at me, not him, me.”

Cashman said “ok f****** hell”, after which the door was opened and the defendant could be seen wearing a blue top and blue shorts.

The officer shouted at Cashman: “Keep walking… get your hands behind your head.”

Cashman replied, “I’ve got nothing on me” before he was handcuffed.

He then said: “What’s it for? what have I done?”

Officers pulled him to a sitting position before he repeated: “I just wanna know what I’ve done that’s all. Tell me what I’m arrested for.”

The officer said: “I am arresting you on suspicion of murder, attempted murder times two.”

Cashman retorted: “I haven’t committed no offence what yous are talking about. None, none whatsoever. I’ve got nothing on me. Pull me pants down, you’ll see. No messing around. You are f****** mad.

“I’m not resisting one little bit. I’m calm, it’s youse who don’t seem too calm.”

The trial continues. 

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