Heartbroken daughter says her mum was ‘left to die’ after hospital sent her home

A TikTok video blasting the government’s handling of the NHS has told the heartbreaking story of a daughter who says her mum was “left to die” by the healthcare system.

Sylva Faye, from Hammersmith, west London, said her mother was sent home from an NHS hospital without aftercare.

She said she was left to look after her cancer-stricken mum “with absolutely no support from anyone”.

Her mother died 11 weeks after being diagnosed with cancer, Sylva said.

In the heartwrenching video, the singer-songwriter claimed her mum was “totally healthy” before her death, aside from suffering from arm pain which was twice diagnosed by her GP as “overuse” from gardening.

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But her mother later experienced stomach pain and went to A&E alone for help.

Sylva said: “I was at work, they missed her number in A&E and left her there for 15 hours.”

When arriving to the hospital, Sylva said that she found her mother on a bench, she said: “She was so sad and small when I found her there, and I realised she’d been overlooked.”

Doctors then identified “advanced pancreas cancer” on her abdomen and hospitalised her for a week in Charing Cross.

“Then they sent us back home with no aftercare, no help just hundreds of medications I was supposed to administer,” Sylva said.

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She added in the video caption: “This is what cancer under the NHS in a Tory UK is like.”

The medication she was given to look after her mother included Fentanyl patches, Morphine, Cyclizine, Diazepam and Haloperidol.

The daughter explained she has “no background in nursing” and said she contacted doctors she knew “from school” and her dad’s friends for help, even having to make her own drugs chart to help.

She said: “No one called us, no one kept any of the appointments that they sent us, the phone just didn’t ring and when you rang the hospital, you couldn’t get through to anybody.”

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The hospital only showed up to help, she said, when she told them she was going to give her mother the medication she was “begging for” after she started to make a “death rattle”.

Sylva said: “Then they showed up and then they had a massive go at me and told me off and made me feel like a criminal in my own house.”

Sylva’s mother herself hadn’t been made aware of the extent of her illness, the daughter said. The only way she found out she was going to die was when a member of the palliative care team showed up.

Before she died, Sylva’s mum said to her that she had been “left to die” with her.

She said that while she was not a “political person”, her mum had paid her taxes “religiously” and the bereaved daughter no longer wants to live in the UK after her mother’s lack of treatment.

Now suffering from panic and anxiety attacks and is on the waitlist for therapy, she said: “I have slipped through the net for bereavement counselling and I can’t afford therapy.”

Since sharing her heartbreaking story on the app, thousands of commenters urged her to start a GoFundMe, which is now closing in on its £3,000 target.

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