Hero dog leads firefighters to baby trapped in bedroom of burning house

In the face of his family’s home burning to the ground around him, a dog refused to leave a one-year-old baby’s side until she was rescued.

Janet Kelley, a mother of four living in Detroit, Michigan, alleged that a fire started in the unit below the multi-family home they live in on February 21.

One of the children was reportedly playing with a lighter in their bedroom when they accidentally set their mattress ablaze.

Kelley told Detroit Free Press that the downstairs tenants came running to tell the families to flee – but it was too late.

Black smoke was already billowing up the complex along Beniteau Street, the fire even spilling ‘over to the house next door’, Kelley told the newspaper.

Kelley’s one-year-old daughter, however, was trapped in her playpen inside the house when firefighters arrived, she claimed.

But the family pup, Blue, stood by her the entire time and even ‘alerted rescue to where she was located’.

Blue, a three-year-old Pitbull Lab mix, was a rescue dog that Kelley and her family took in two years ago.

‘(Blue) is very protective over all of us’ she said. ‘He also loves his best friend Smokey, the family cat.’

Kelley said that her fiancé DaQuan Davis and her two oldest children, who are seven and nine years old, were at Walmart when the fire tore through their home.

‘I got a phone call that the house was on fire. My fiancé’s brother was at the home and he’s the one that called,’ she said.

‘He was trying to rush and get the dog, the kids, and everybody out of the house.’

With their home hollowed out by the fire, the family are now living in a minivan after moving to a local hotel for the first two nights .

Adding to her already lengthy list of woes, Kelley has claimed on GoFundMe that she is struggling to get any help from her landlord or community leaders.

Without renter’s insurance, Kelley is unable to get any compensation for their losses.

Her landlord bluntly responded to her plea for help to ‘start a GoFundMe page and go to a shelter’.

‘I just paid him rent two days prior to this, so when I asked him if he could give me something back, I got told “No, I have bills, too,”‘ she said.

‘Unfortunately, we have to turn to GoFundMe because we have lost everything,’ she wrote on the fundraiser.

‘On Tuesday afternoon at 4:15pm February 21, 2023, our entire life has been turned upside down.’

The GoFundMe page includes a photograph of the now blackened family home.

Kelley added: ‘My girls lost everything from clothes to toys to food …. We are currently staying in our vehicle until we can find new housing…

‘I’ve reached out to the landlord ( no help) I’ve reached out (to) churches and organisations but still no help…

‘So here I am, my last resort, GoFundme, anything is appreciated I’m truly appreciative of anything!

‘I have four little ones ages from nine, seven, four, one plus a pup…’

Kelley has so far raised more than $83,500 (£69,000) of their $100,000. You can support them by clicking here

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